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Starcraft 34RT w/ Ford Raptor TV - Quanella Pass CO
Guanella Pass Colorado, September 2014
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Posted by jdog99
Sep 27, 2014
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Checkout My Rig

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Posted by Rjones
Apr 27, 2015
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Author Topic: Dura-Start battery reviews?  (Read 5737 times)

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Dura-Start battery reviews?
« on: May 05, 2009, 11:55:34 PM »
Have my N2Me >almost< ready to go.  The new converter has been installed and fully functional on the AC side.  Now, need a battery.  In shopping around, found a Group24 Dura-Start 24DC battery for about $60USD around the corner.  Any input on these good or bad?  I >think< they're made by Exide, but not positive.

Open to any suggestions either way.  Cheers to all, and I expect to have pics up soon from our 1st trip out.  thanks...jeff


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