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Author Topic: Winch Wiring Diagram  (Read 3199 times)

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Winch Wiring Diagram
« on: July 26, 2009, 10:46:51 AM »
I've been doing some maintenance on my 1998 Damon Camplite winch.

Seems when replacing the goshen lift system cable, I put the new one onto the winch backward (yes, you can do that backward) by having the cable go over, instead of under the winch pulley.  Use of the winch with the cable installed this way bent the metal pan in which the winch is mounted, and deformed it so that it began to interfere with the winch pulley operation.  This is because it defeated the shut-off switches built in to prevent that from happening.

I'm in the process of repairing/replacing that pan, however in doing so, I've had to disconnect and familiarize myself with the wiring for the winch on this trailer.

So, I've made a diagram to share about what I found.

Hope it helps someone else.