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Starcraft 34RT w/ Ford Raptor TV - Quanella Pass CO
Guanella Pass Colorado, September 2014
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Posted by jdog99
Sep 27, 2014
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my new to me 2000 Starcraft Venture!
First PUP camper for myself, wife and 2 kids.
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Posted by Ctmarshal260
May 09, 2015
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Author Topic: 1978 Starcraft trailer light wiring diagram needed  (Read 2270 times)

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Offline Fiveofun

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1978 Starcraft trailer light wiring diagram needed
« on: August 05, 2009, 09:28:35 PM »
My pup has been rewired for the trailer lights, right now they have just the two brake lights wired, none of the runnings lights work.  The original wires are there for all the lights (brakes and runnings lights), but I dont have any labeles at all.  I have two green wires, a red wire and a black wire.  I searched online for a PDF, but havent found anything, and I cant seem to find anything on this forum.
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Offline Fiveofun

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Re: 1978 Starcraft trailer light wiring diagram needed
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2009, 02:16:46 AM »
Ok, I figured it out, and here is the answer in case it can help someone else out in the future.  The two green wires were for the running lights, the red wire was for the drivers side brake/turn signal, and the black wire was for the passenger side brake/turn signal.
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee