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Author Topic: A wonderful place Indian Acres in Thornburg, Virginia  (Read 7208 times)

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A wonderful place Indian Acres in Thornburg, Virginia
« on: August 10, 2010, 01:54:42 AM »
Hi I'm Pete.  This is going to read like a commercial, but trust me it's not.  I'd just like you to know about a special private campground my family has been members of for forty years.  Me, my wife, kids and grand kids love camping.  I've tent camped most of my life.  My children and even my grand children tent camped with my wife and I up until 2006. 

In 2006 we bought our first Pop Up and loved it so much that on 2008 we purchased a second one that included a nicer refrigerator with

a freezer, an oven, shower and toilet.  I imagine that you belong to this forum because you love camping as much as we do.  I'm using this particular thread to tell you about a special place and make you aware that it and others like it exist.  I'd like to introduce you to Indian Acres Club of Thornburg (IACT).  Located in Thornburg, Virginia, IACT is an 800 acre camping community bordered by the PO River on its north side and Route 606 West (Morris Road) on the south side.  The Acres entrance is located on Morris Road, Route 606 West approximately 2.9 miles from I-95 (exit 118)

Borrowed from The Acres website: "A Private Camping Resort where you OWN your own camping lot.  Not a timeshare! Lots at Indian Acres are deeded property"!!

Comprised of 18 Glens, 5 lakes, 2 swimming pools, a wading pool, tennis courts, basket ball courts, Volley ball courts, horse shoes, a 9 hole golf course, club houses and much, much more the Acres has much to offer.  18 glens named after Native American Tribes, such as Cherokee, Huron and Delaware. Each Glen is comprised of hundreds of roomy Funsteads which are the lots owned by the individual members.   

Each Funstead has 30 amps of 120V electric power and running water.  Each glen has two comfort stations (toilets sinks and showers) and dump stations for black and grey water.  Owners have year round access to their lots.  Owners can place a travel trailer, Fifth Wheel, Class A, B or C motor home, Park model, Pop Up (such as yours truly), or just a tent. Owners can add small non-permanent improvements such as decks, sheds, covered porches, trailer covers, etc. on their lots. IACT is owned and managed by the funstead owners.  There is a volunteer board of directors, elected by the other members, who oversee the paid staff which handles security, administration and grounds maintenance.  Yearly dues are modest compared to travel camping, a bit more that $1,000.00 per year.  Some people pay close to that just for a place to store their campers.  We do camp elsewhere now that we're retired, but especially during our childrearing and working years we camped as much as 60 days per year at IACT.  Now we still spend as much or more time and we bring grandkids, kids, relatives and friends up for a visit at no addition cost when they stay with us. If they bring their own camper, as our guests, they can stay up near the front gate where there are power, water and sewer connections for something like just $25.00 for three days.  The camper, or in our case campers, as we have two Pop Ups on side by side lots (one is our guest Pop Up.:)) were already there and waiting for us.  Just load the car with some groceries, etc, and go.  For us it's only a two and a half to three hour drive each way.  Words cannot describe what a refuge it's been for us.  Theres a small trading post at Indian Acres for soda, ice, beer, etc.  Grocery stores, big box stores such as Walmart, Target, and Lowes are within easy driving distance.  It's only 15 minutes to Fredericksburg, 25 minutes to Kings Dominion, a major theme park, an hour from DC, forty-five minutes from Richmond, VA.  A one and a half hour drive will take you to historic Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown, an hour further is Virginia Beach, if you crave some ocean time.  Naturally being in Virginia there are many nearby revolutionary and civil war battlefields.  I hope this encourages a few of you to at least look into one of the best kept secrets in northern Virginia.  I really couldn't say how far away our furthest members live, but our next door IACT neighbors are a couple from Boca Ratan, Florida.                               

Here are some helpful and informative links to the  IACT website and the IACT map and directions

Here is a link to some of our personal pictures of our funsteads, Indian Acres and fun activities such as golf cart parades.
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