1980 Coachmen Sunlite 160s

Discussion in 'Camper Restoration Projects' started by Mtn_man, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Mtn_man

    Mtn_man New Member

    Feb 9, 2019
    Starting a new... 1980 Coachmen Sunlite 160s project.

    my first popper, Free-99 for the camper, and it has essentially permanent registration which is awesome.

    It came from the original owner with all the original documentation / manuals (hilarious to look through).

    Received condition was not terrible considering the age...
    all of the exterior handles to lift it open are broken. The roof vent was left open and leaked some in the interior but not too bad - there was no serious soaking and all the wood is in good shape still.

    There are some dents. Some surface rusting. One broken zipper on the tent. A tail-light that's out. Tires are... old. There is no wheel on the front to jack it up with... But everything seemingly works.

    My plans so far are;

    New wheels / tires + spare + cover.
    LED lighting inside / out. - DONE
    New LP tank. - DONE
    Flush water system.
    Paint exterior frame + new front lift jack with wheel.
    Replace marker light lenses that are cracked.
    New exterior grab / lift handles.
    Roof rack for my bike / Sup boards.
    Remove ice-box for space for Rtic cooler.
    Paint interior.
    Some updating to the upholstery with new covers / memory foam for the bed we plan to use. May extend the bed by raising the sofa sleep platform up...
    Add insulation / paint recover interior roof.
    Paint Exterior?

    pictures to come. [:D][RTM][RTM][MOD][MOD][HH]
  2. FARfetched

    FARfetched Active Member

    In your shoes, I'd worry about the tires first, and everything else after that.

    My weekend in the Starflyer told me I might need to put memory foam on the "adult-side" bed. I slept better the second night than the first, but it might have been that I figured out what I needed to do to stay warm and comfortable. Still, I think the wife might need a little extra "cush." Mason was fine, but 9 year old kids usually are. :D He also had my down mummy bag, an Army surplus find that was good to -40 in its prime and can still handle anything Planet Georgia can dish out.

    Like you, I'm also debating on whether to replace the fridge. I was thinking about putting in a slide-out, so I could swap in a cooler. I can see configuring it one way or the other, depending on the situation.

    I also have to flush the water system, but that can wait for a month. Once the hard freezes are over with, I'll get jiggy with the bleach. I have RV antifreeze in there for now.

    Oh, and I don't have a wheel on the tongue jack, either.

    Long-term, I have a list. But I think we can get through this year without major upgrades. Once we're familiar with the camper, we'll know what we need to deal with first.
  3. Mtn_man

    Mtn_man New Member

    Feb 9, 2019
    New wheels and tires are coming along with the roof rack, mattress cover, new marker lights covers... Led light are on and look great... More paint when it's warmer

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