1993 Coachman Clipper

Discussion in 'Camper Manufacturers & Manuals' started by Craig Schmidt, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Craig Schmidt

    Craig Schmidt New Member

    Aug 25, 2018
    Hi, just bought a 1993 Coachman Clipper Pop Up. It has an 8' box and has the crank on the tongue. I'm new to camping and I think all the outside parts for the rear bed supports are missing. I'm not having any luck trying to find a manual that is more specific to this model that will actually show the setup procedure and parts needed. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Craig
  2. Raycfe

    Raycfe Waterford Ct.

    Oct 3, 2007
    Waterford, Ct
    awelcome.jpg Greetings from the Connecticut shoreline. Most owners manuals are next to worthless. Start your own notebook, record any equipment make and model number and download their manuals. Start a do list,what to bring list, what I forgot list, stuff I didn't need to bring, etc.
  3. xvz12

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    Apr 6, 2017
    New Plymouth, ID
    Welcome to the forum....I think this is your manual: <Click Here>

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