1993 Jayco Eagle 10 Missing Sink

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    May 27, 2018
    So I picked up a 1993 Jayco Eagle 10 25th anniversary edition PUP and the galley portion is missing.

    the trailer came with the moveable stove but there is only a drain flush on the 'counter top' i was hoping maybe someone could give me in site on how the original galley worked for this camper (storage/installation/ how the drain set up worked/faucet) so i could build a new one. (wife wants a sink, lol) i do not have a freshwater holding tank in it but i do have the city water hookups available.

    any help is appreciated.

    Gotta keep the wife happy and give her a sink.
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    Sep 22, 2016
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    Realizing that its been a while since this inquiry, but here is how my '93 works:

    Sink is located in the top 'half' of a cabinet, that hinges on the front (dinette) side of the base cabinet that holds the drain that you describe. When pup is collapsed, the top half of that cabinet folds forward and rests on the rear most dining seat. When setting up camp, the sink folds back on top of the base cabinet. Tailpiece from sink butts into the end of the drain you see.

    Stock sink faucet is a dual function, can work as a siphon pump, that will draw from a small water reservoir stored onboard. Some are in the base cabinet below the sink, some are on the opposite side base cabinet. Clear tubing from water reservoir to underside of faucet. My findings have been that this tube needs to be routed with no kinks or tight bends, or the siphon has trouble drawing from the reservoir. Apparently same faucet will serve as 'on-off' function if attached to the city water via hose, although I have not had opportunity to try that configuration. City water inlet is plumbed to underside of my faucet at least.

    My water reservoir is a large plastic bottle basically, for my 8-foot box. I don't know if your larger model might have had on-board permanent storage tank.

    Sink drain on mine also only discharges thru the side wall, intended to go to a remote tank or sanitary line, not on-board storage for gray water on mine either. Again, the larger models may have had more options.

    If you are still in need of more info, I can try and capture some pictures next time I open mine up. But it sounds to me that if one were thinking of building from scratch, you will be building a top part of cabinet, need a small sink basin, faucet and countertop at the least.

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