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  1. IonicBurn

    IonicBurn New Member

    Dec 2, 2016
    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for some info and I am coming up dry everywhere else. I have a 2000 Starcraft 2490. This has a slide out dinette. I got this trailer about 6 months ago and I am just starting to get some of the details figured out.

    Here is my problem. It came with no cushions for the bed or the dinette. I have replaced the bed pads, and purchased foam for the 4 dinette pads. But for the life of me I can't find how thick they should be, how wide, or how long.

    -Length is pretty simple. Just make it fit the length of the spot it sits in.
    -Width is a bit more tricky due to it having to lay flat to make it a bed and all the cushions have to fit together. Also, the thickness of the pads effects how big the back pads are.
    -Thickness it a total guess. I have 4 inch foam, but that seems too think when I sit on it.

    What I need is someone with the model trailer I have to just simply tell me what size to cut my foam to. That's it.

    For the two seat pads please tell me how long they are, how wide they are and how thick they are. Then the same for the back pads.

    If you don't have the same model that I do, please at least tell me how thick the foam is on your dinette set. That is the big one that is driving me nuts.

    I would post a pic, but it would just be a pic of my empty dinette set. :-(

    Thanks everyone!

  2. robinb

    robinb New Member

    Jul 27, 2015
    Hi James,

    I have a 2003 StarCraft Constellation Orion with a slide-out dinette. Our dinette cushions are approximately 3 inches thick. My best suggestion to you is take the width of the dinette bed, then subtract the dinette seat cushions. That should leave you with the total width for seat backs, divide that by 2 and you should have a good number to work with. The seat backs sit on top of the bottom dinette cushions in my pup. You should still be able to make it work with 4 inch foam. Hopefully this helps or that you have already made some progress with your dinette!

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  3. JPBar

    JPBar Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2016
    What Robin said X2 ^^^
  4. IonicBurn

    IonicBurn New Member

    Dec 2, 2016
    Thanks guys. The wife and I were able to get the dinette figured out by figuring out the coverage we needed for the bed when we put the dinette down. This gave us the size of the mattress we needed and then worked backwards from there to create cushions for the dinette. Looks great now! Thanks for your help.

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