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Discussion in 'Heating / Cooling Systems' started by rpannell, Sep 5, 2008.

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    Jul 17, 2008
    I'm about to order an A/C unit and just wanted to confirm a couple of things.

    I emailed Palomino about my trailer (2005 Yearling 4101) to ask about roof supports for the A/C unit. They replied that I should be good to go and sent me a diagram.

    I just want to confirm that where the number six is, is where I'd cut out the whole for the A/C unit. It's look obvious to me, but I thought I'd make sure.

    Next up!

    Cutting the roof for the A/C unit.

    What is the procedure for this?

    My guess...
    1. Open the trailer up, put a tarp or something over the bunk to catch all the crap
    2. Colapse the trailer supporting it on the sides with something so that it isn't completely colapsed (room for the blade so it doesn't cut the tarp/bunk).
    3. Climb onto the roof and start cutting. Do I use a Jigsaw or just a regular wood hand saw? While cutting of course being carefully not to cut into the supports.
    4. Once I have the hole, make sure the unit fits, sand of any rough edges, clean the area and drop the unit it. I'd assume there will be a seal or use lots of silcon used. Make sure it is level.
    5. Pop the trailer, clean the inside, mount the internal A/C part.
    6. Run your wires

    How's that sound?

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    Jul 5, 2007
    Not too bad.

    Use a jigsaw and if you make it so the blade is just a tad longer than the thickness of the roof, it helps to not hit anything below. I drilled two opposite corners for start points when I did mine.

    You will need to hollow out the foam around your cut and frame it in with wood so the roof will not compress when you tighten down the seal clamps.

    I opened the back bunk, left the tent down, covered it with a drop cloth and used it as my work platform. (Put down the rear stabs! ;-)

    Sounds like you have a handle on it.


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    Jun 27, 2008
    You're right about the AC location. The print shows support locations in the roof. I'd use a 3" or 4" hole saw in the center of that area and then use a coathanger to feel & locate the supports. Mark your cut out, 14" x 14" US, not sure on metric measurements. The factories are never usually dead on and you don't want to cut into your supports.

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