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Discussion in 'A-Frame PopUps' started by nhlakes, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. nhlakes

    nhlakes Active Member

    Oct 15, 2011
    DE and NH
    I'm looking for ideas to improve the comfort of the standard Aliner Sofa Bed.

    Last winter/spring we left the sofa bed setup as a bed for a couple long trips and replaced the cushions with a queen size air mattress which worked pretty well, but we didn't like having to climb over each other if/when we had to getup in the middle of the night. The fact that it was an air mattress probably made this more cumbersome.

    I'd rather not give up the 'couch' aspect of it and convert it to a full-time bed with a real mattress like some folks.

    Last time out my wife slept on the dinette bed and I slept on the couch (just partially pulled out) with sleeping bag and sleeping bag sized air mattress, which seemed to be OK for both of us, but I'm still seeking ideas for improvements.

    I'm considering upgrading the foam in the sofa cushions to improve comfort for both sleeping and sitting, which might prevent me from having to use an air mattress - but would like some more ideas.

    (For those unfamiliar with the setup, the typical king/queen size topper that many standard popup owners do will not work since the bed is easily converted to couch daily - and there is no place to store a full size topper.)

  2. ~erik~

    ~erik~ Active Member

    Jan 19, 2015
    North Georgia
    Not sure what to advise here. We converted ours to a full time bed with a memory foam topper over the stock cushions. We don't miss not having the sofa, as we're either outside or sitting at the dinnette.

    I did install an interior baggage door to access the space under the bed from the inside, put a large bin there. A topper may fit in it if it's not too thick. See

    That door turned out to be redundant when we made the bed permanent with pneumatic struts allowing the whole bed to lift up for underbed access, but it may be a solution for you.
  3. DiamondGirl

    DiamondGirl Active Member

    We converted our couch into a full time queen bed. Added piano hinges to connect the three sections together. Removed the side tables from the counter tops. Added a short queen foam mattress and a memory foam gel mattress topper from Costco. Along with a high quality comforter and bedding. Remove the topper when winter camping to avoid sleeping on a slab of ice. We stay outside to enjoy our surroundings and outdoor activities. We can sit at the dinette during increment weather since it’s mainly only two of us.

    We sleep like Kings and Queens in our Aliner.

    Happy Camping...[ALPU][PUT]
  4. Sushidog

    Sushidog Member

    Jan 8, 2008
    New Orleans
    We have the same set-up in our LXE. We used to use a 1" memory foam topper which could roll tightly enough to fit behind the back cushion at the bottom, attached to the rear wall with velcro straps. We found, however, that we like to leave the rear couch/dinette configured as a King sized bed all the time. We replaced it with a 2" memory foam mattress, and encased it in two sheets which we sewed together like a giant pillowcase to protect it from tears and getting soiled. We then just leave it out all the time on top the rather firm cushions, to make the perfect combination of a soft topper with a firm support. We actually find it more comfortable than our "real" bed at home.

  5. nhlakes

    nhlakes Active Member

    Oct 15, 2011
    DE and NH
    I read someplace that the Ranger had softer foam than some of the other versions - which I think may be a factor in my situation. That's why I was considering trying to replace the foam in the cushions. But as indicated above, most folks apparently give up the coach and make a real bed. Was hoping to avoid that.

    Still hoping to hear from someone who says 'I upgraded the original foam to <insert magic answer here> and it is awesome!' ;)
  6. PointyCamper

    PointyCamper Active Member

    Nov 25, 2015
    The Aliner website specs on Expedition and Classic only have
    • 4" High Density Cushions w/ Piping
    The rest of us get to modify.
    Some people say they have gotten new foam from a foam place.
  7. WApop

    WApop New Member

    Aug 7, 2017
    We have a 2018 Classic, with no complaints sleeping on the existing cushions, but they are new. That being said, I bring along some other back pack type pads but have not used them. We find converting the dinette to bed works out to give us more sleeping room for two of us.
  8. nhlakes

    nhlakes Active Member

    Oct 15, 2011
    DE and NH
    I have a 4" memory foam mattress (2.5" High density foam and 1.5" memory foam) arriving early this week. Some smells give me headaches and memory foam is famous for off-gassing, so the plan is to let it air our for a couple of weeks (or however long it takes) and then decide if I want to cut it up to replace the foam in the largest sofa cushion, or use it as a topper, or whatever... it's an experiment.
    Yep. That must have been where I'd picked up that the cushions in the Ranger were of a lower grade. The cushions in my Ranger are actually all not the same density, but it seems that the 'seat' cushions in both sofa and dinette are the softest. The seat backs seem have a firmer density foam. So I'll experiment with the large sofa seat/bed cushion and see how it goes.

    Our Jan trip to FL could be 2+ weeks, so I hope to improve the comfort by then. And just to recap - my wife things the dinette is fine as is, and I think the sofa bed is fine with my Big Agnes sleeping bag/air mattress combo - but I'm hoping to make it even better.

    Still hoping to hear from others who have upgraded foam.
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  9. JoePAz

    JoePAz Active Member

    Mar 28, 2017
    Phoenix, Arizona
    I would like to see the options as well. My ranger 12 is comfortable, but I do not want to go a full time bed. I want both bed and soft. Seems like for my 2018 model the seat bottom cushions are "softer" than the seat backs. Ideally I would like to keep the fabric and size and just increase the density of the foam.
  10. Chloe

    Chloe Member

    Jun 16, 2017
    Like others, we got a foam topper (3" from CostCo) to put on our rear sofa bed and just left it in bed mode for our first (and so far ONLY) camping trip. It was a nice relaxation spot in the afternoon for us and the dogs, too. This setup seems to work for us, so I imagine that's how we'll use it in the future, but you never know. The 3" foam topper is quite bulky to deal with... I wouldn't want to be folding/rolling it up everyday (and where to store it? The TV?). Anyway, that topper sure made a big difference and my DH said that his back never felt better! The dogs were relegated to the dinette bed, which I think they didn't mind so much (more room for all of us).

    Pic attached of the dogs hanging out one morning/afternoon... they sure loved all the windows!

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  11. rweare

    rweare Member

    Aug 1, 2012
    This summer we purchased a new left over 2016 Aliner Expedition. It came with upgraded cushions which are very comfortable. Not sure if they can be purchased from Aliner.
  12. penny

    penny Active Member

    Nov 9, 2017
    we don't have it anymore, but when we bought an Aliner expedition, I added 2" of memory foam to the existing cushions. I cut the foam to fit each cushion, the sewed new covers that accommodated the thickness of the original cushion and the new foam on top. I left the orignal upholstery on the cushion as it was sort of a grippy fabric, and knew it would hold the extra foam in place and add structure to the cushions. It worked great, both the bed and the couch were much more comfortable.
  13. nhlakes

    nhlakes Active Member

    Oct 15, 2011
    DE and NH
    Finally finished airing out the above mentioned mattress topper and it is WAY more comfortable than just the cushions. So comfortable as a bed, considering if I want to leave the mattress whole (rather than cutting it up to match sofa cushions) and give up the couch, like many folks do...

  14. Byrd_Huntr

    Byrd_Huntr Well-Known Member

    Jan 27, 2013
  15. ~erik~

    ~erik~ Active Member

    Jan 19, 2015
    North Georgia
    Yeah, I wouldn't cut it up. As an experiment we tried sleeping on the Aliner cushions on top of the memory foam instead of the other way around and knees and elbows kept slipping into the cracks. You'd experience the same problem if you make cushions out of your memory pad. Keep it out as a permanent bed or roll it up during the day. Enjoy!
  16. sleach

    sleach A short run will get you within walking distance.

    May 17, 2014
    We use a slightly thinner foam topper on top of the "gaucho" couch cushions. We prefer sheets and quilts for bedding, and it was a nuisance pulling up the corners to put the sheets on- the cushions and topper bend up differently, and the fold up extension tables got in the way. So- I cut about 6 inches off each corner of the topper, and removed the fold up tables.

    Installed one of the tables on the other side of the cabinet, by the door. There is just enough room to squeeze by when that table is up. Removed the hardware from the other table, then fitted a hanging rail and folding support, it now is easily placed and removed from its original location to the left of the sink.

    My wife says I have almost as much fun tinkering with the Chalet as I do camping in it. She 's right!
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  17. Tumbleweed53

    Tumbleweed53 New Member

    Sep 11, 2016
    I have seen people use those foam mats for flooring that interlock under the beds in tent trailers before. Harbor Freight sells them in squares, they are about 1" thick. Maybe place them under the mattress cushion for additional support? Also, could be cut to fit.

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