Any Coleman gear heads out there?

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    I have a 242 chrome base and original globe from 1948. Old 2 burner stove, bottom was too far gone to date. Both used regularly. Recently picked up a 427 from 1927, all seems to be original, couple of small dings, no rust and its grungy. They couldn't get it to light. Cleaned it, lubed the pump and it works.
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    Going to send you over to Click the Coleman resources link at the top of the home page and then pick Bulletin board/forum. Register (it's free and no spam) and you can search the forums for your exact problem and then get step by step guidance on how to fix it. You don't have to register to browse the forums but you can't search unless you join. If you need any parts, you can get them direct from that site's sponsor, he has the parts you won't find anywhere else. Know your model number and you will likely find the exact fix. Beware, you may catch the bug if you spend much time over there.

    Can't really diagnose your problem without knowing the stove model, but stick with Coleman Fuel or Crown instead of pump gas, that will be easier on your gear and avoids problems down the road. With that said, your problem isn't likely due to trying to burn regular pump gas or rug as they call it (regular unleaded gas), but using rug for a long time may have gummed some of the inner air passages. It sounds like you're not getting the right mix of air and fuel at the burner, which can be caused by any number of things depending on your stove model.

    One thing to check is to make sure the u-bend at the back of the stove where the generator tip fits in is completely clean on the inside. Not shiny clean but make sure there isn't any trash or nests in it. If you want to just start throwing parts at it, the two most common causes of a flooded condition are the fuel air tube in the tank or a gummed up generator, replacing both will fix any number of problems. You will need your model number to make sure you get the exact parts you need.

    As I've reread all this your problem may actually be due to a gummed up gen, the gen is supposed to spray the fuel-air mixture into the combustion chamber in a fine mist, and any bit of obstruction inside the gen will cause the spray to be large droplets instead of a fine mist. Replacing a generator is a common maintenance item, about the easiest thing to do on these appliances, and if you continue to use rug, you'll be replacing gens every few years depending on how much you use them.
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    Dont cringe but just the other day my son and friend were goofing in the garage and knocked my nickle '48 off its hook from the ceiling:

    It WAS in vgc with original globe
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    What a shame. That's a nice lantern. I have one from 1950 that I'm trying to polish right now. No glass for it though.
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    The guys over at the ocp forums can fix you up and old coleman parts may have your replacement globe and frame, if you're not already over there.
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    Thank you Eskimorob.
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