Anyone ever installed roof top ac unit

Discussion in 'Heating / Cooling Systems' started by williamjsmith55, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. williamjsmith55

    williamjsmith55 New Member

    Mar 26, 2011
    Ok here is my deal on this. I have purchased a 2001 Dutchmen 801d. It did not have ac when I purchased. Figured I could get the old lady out a little more with the ac unit. So I started checking prices and found new unit with the dealer installing would run me about $800 about $150 for the install and about $650 for the unit so I being the tight ass that I am started searching craigslist. So I come across a deal. Carrier air v 13500 btu unit with heat not working but good air. Went and looked at it and ran it. Has great ac and I think the heat problem is heat strip or limit that can kick heat strip out. Even if the heat never works I got a furnance so that is no big issue. I bought it for hundred bucks. My big thing now is getting it put on mine. I'm pretty mechanically inclined but the last thing I wanna do is mess the integrity of my roof up in any way. Dealer is gonna charge $150 if they install it. My question is have any of you installed these on pup before and if so how big of a job is it and how big of a risk is there for leakage afterward. I would sure like to be able to pull this whole ac unit installation of for $100. But if I have to I could fork over the extra buck n a half. $250 still ain't a bad price.
  2. real lite virgin

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    Apr 15, 2010
    Last year when I was looking into installing A/C, my local dealer said it wasn't to difficult to do if I wanted to do it myself. All depends how you feel about cutting into your roof and possible water leaks afterwards. Our pup was A/C ready from the factory so already had roof bracing and electrical run. $150.00 to install the unit doesn't seem unreasonable and if there are any problems afterwards they would be liable for them.

  3. lbcarr87

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    Aug 29, 2009
    I installed my own - bought a Coleman Mach II from a dealer for about $500.00 - found the best price I could online and printed it off - the dealer matched the price. I removed my roof vent which took some elbow grease as the sealant was very resilient. Got the old vent off and installed the AC. My camper had the electrical set up needed but did not have additional roof supports. After a while I noticed some sag in the roof so I fashioned my own interior ceiling supports with some curved aluminum extrusions I got from a work project gone bad. I would strongly reccomend getting some additional ceiling supports if you go the do it yourself rout. I've learned that most campers that suggest they are AC ready simply means that there is a power source that is sufficient to handle it.
  4. Agcflash

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    Sep 20, 2007
    N Carolina
    Yes I have! Bought a 93 Jayco without air. Called the manufacturer wo see if roof was "air ready" as far as supports go and they informed me all their units were from a certain year forward. YEAH. I already had the standard 14 inch roof vent. The ACs are designed to install right over those same hole. There is a gasket that you buy and use to assist in a leak free install. Its 20 bucks.. buy one. Just like previous poster, I removed my vent. Installed the foam gasket. Set the outside unit over the gasket/ hole. Went inside and tightened it down with 4 very long tension screws. Then ran 20 amp cord to it. Wired the bottom unit and secured it to the upper unit. Then hid the cord with a kit from Lowes and presto. Have AC will Travel!!!! Very easy. One again, take make/model info in to dealer and BUY THE GASKET!!! Good luck. By the way is your pup 15, 20 amp?
  5. jasonwal

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    Jan 26, 2011
    I don't think I could echo Agcflash any better. I did the same thing in our 01 Starcraft 2105... that gasket is a big deal, make sure you have that. Other wise it was a cake walk.
  6. williamjsmith55

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    Mar 26, 2011
    I got the vent taken out late last night and got the air conditioning unit put on the unit and bolted down. My 2001 Dutchmen 801d came pre-wired to the galley side but just has a plain cover over the wiring. I'm going to try to get a chance this evening to get an outlet and a cover for the outlet and get everything wired up and go ahead and run it. The heat is still a little bit of an issue on the unit as the heat strip checked out good as did the limit on the heat strip so I am going to have to check the switch on the heat and the thermostat to see how they check out. Got a hunch it is a bad thermostat. Will keep updating for anyone who has possible questions about putting there own air conditioning unit it later and will try to post some pics over the weekend.
  7. shab

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    Apr 16, 2011
    I just started a different post regarding the same, albiet, I'm looking for knowledge specific to my pup make/model.

    How is your's going? Do you have a "rib" going down the center of your roof? Mine does and I'm wonder how I should handle the aspect of cutting it since the four buttons indicating the 14" square are smack dab in the center of that rib.

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