Bad rear seal?

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  1. Matt Benoit

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    Jul 30, 2017
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    Hey guys, I replaced my hubs yesterday (including new bearings, races and seals). After the install, I drove around for 30 minutes, and noticed that there is some grease on the back of the hub. I can't tell if it's leaking past the seal, or if as I was installing the hub, the grease that was on the spindle was "pushed" to the back of the hub as the seal slid on the spindle... Here's a picture of the back of the hub. Thanks for the help. 20180403_091557.jpg
  2. tombiasi

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    Sep 1, 2012
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    Looks normal to me. Keep an eye on the nice white rim after highway speeds. If you are leaking you will see a nice decoration on the rim.
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  3. BelchFire

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    Take a clean rag and try to remove the excess grease, then go for another test drive. If it comes back, it's a bad seal; if not, you're probably good to go.
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