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Discussion in 'Campfires and Firewood' started by Beth, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Beth

    Beth Member

    Aug 17, 2009
    We've got a burn ban (no campfires, open flames--except charcoal and gas grills) due to the drought conditions.....

    We're having our annual backyard campout next weekend and no rain (unless you get the 20% chance of tstorms tomorrow night) in the forecast....guess we'll sit around our lantern again this year.
    I'm guessing our fireworks will also be a no go...;(

    We REALLY need the rain....farmers fields are VERY dry....

  2. campfreak

    campfreak Active Member

    Jan 13, 2011
    I'm glad you mentioned the farmers, that's the most important thing. They need to stay in business and put food on our tables and theirs. The rest of it we can live with. We went thru some pretty severe droughts the last few years, then we had a couple of good years, and our governor declared an end to the drought. I wish he hadn't done that. Cali is in a perpetual drought and we should always conserve water, and I think the farmers should always get what they need first.

  3. papachaz

    papachaz New Member

    Jun 26, 2011
    we went through 3 or 4 years of drought here in GA. this year hasn't been AS bad, but we're not getting much rain either. and we've all seen the news what's happening out there in NM and CO.

    then the news switches over to the floods in MN and WI, amazing isn't it.

    will be keeping y'all in our prayers too!
  4. cwolfman13

    cwolfman13 New Member

    Feb 9, 2011
    Hear ya...NM seems to always be in a state of perpetual drought. Restrictions and burn bans are like clockwork around here....June and most of July, there are always restrictions until our monsoons cometh to wet everything enough to open things back up in late July/early August. Even then, it's hasn't been enough moisture to lift the drought in quite sometime....I want to say at least 10 years or so we've been in a state of perpetual drought.
  5. Stardust_8

    Stardust_8 New Member

    May 31, 2010
    Burn ban going on here in west central Missouri as well.
  6. CamL48

    CamL48 New Member

    Feb 20, 2012
    8th year living here in CO and there's been a burn ban every one of those years for some period of time. Usually, it's just for open fires and you can still have a fire in a USFS fire pit. That's why boondocking has always been out for me -- fires are part of the camping experience and the only fire you can have in CO is in a developed, policed campground.

    This year, no fires of any kind anywhere in the state ... by executive order from the Governor. No grilles, either. Only propane/liquid fuel stoves.

    Any lighting of fireworks by a private individual is also illegal statewide ... though somehow selling and buying fireworks is OK (dependent on the municipality). Virtually every municipality has canceled fireworks, except for Denver ... tough to start a fire in downtown Denver, but people are still irritated by Denver not canceling.

    We'll be camping over the 4th, and it will be sad not to have a fire. Not nearly as sad as to think about how many people have lost their homes to the High Park and Waldo Canyon fires.
  7. Rockies Bill

    Rockies Bill Runnin' with the pack!

    Jan 24, 2009
    We have a ban here also for city and county wide. No fires at all and no fireworks. Lost about 20 plus homes to a fire yesterday.
  8. Buttermilk

    Buttermilk New Member

    May 6, 2012
    Record heat here today. I bet our water bill will be outrageous but we have been watering the flowers and garden anyway to try to save it. This thermometer was in the shade on our back porch.

  9. CamL48

    CamL48 New Member

    Feb 20, 2012
    Different order of magnitude here in CO. High Park fire (Fort Collins) was over 250 homes. The Waldo Canyon fire (Colorado Springs) is around 350 homes. Obama visited the Waldo Canyon zone last Friday.
  10. Travelhoveler

    Travelhoveler New Member

    Mar 8, 2011
    It's quite warm enough here (fifth day in a row in triple digits) that we don't need a fire to stay warm. Maybe we'll have one in October or November.

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