Caught in the rain this weekend

Discussion in 'General Weather Forum' started by Jeep Guy, Sep 4, 2018.

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    Mar 7, 2018
    We went camping for the Labor Day weekend and there was a 40 percent chance of rain. Saturday was partly cloudy with no rain. Sunday morning at around 2:00 am. the rain started to come down and it rained steadily until about 4:00 pm that afternoon. Luckily the pop-up stayed completely dry inside the entire time. The awning was set up straight out so I quickly lowered the support poles to slope the awning so water did not collect on it. Monday morning, the rain started again and we had to leave that morning. I watched the radar and waited until it was just a light sprinkle and we quickly packed up and went home. Luckily it was not raining at home so we set the camper up again for several hours to let it dry off. I was surprised to see that very little of the interior was wet from closing the camper in the rain.
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    Yup, taking down in the rain is a pain, that's why I don't camp on the plains in Spain. [:D]

    Glad you were able to open up and dry out when you got home.
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    We cannot figure Mama nature out, she will do what she wants, and when she wants we just need to prepare the best we can and hope everything turns out ok. Seems like it turned good for you. Glad the unit stayed dry and no rain when you got home so everything could dry out.
    Good Luck and Keep On Camping
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