Centurion 3000 Power Converter

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  1. NeverStop

    NeverStop New Member

    Aug 13, 2007
    It appears there are a number of problems associated with this converter on the 'net, so here is mine. Maybe someone can help me with this problem.

    We rarely use an electrical site, almost always running our lights off the battery on the tongue. I charge this batter while towing, and also with a solar panel I duct tape onto the roof of my '01 Palomino Colt.

    All works well until the rare time I use shore power. When we do, the fridge and all 120V outletss work fine. But the lights and the gas sensor appear to run off the battery, and kill it in just a couple of days. We don't use the lights much, but I suppose it's enough to kill the battery, which is only 2 years old.

    Once the battery dies the alarm on the gas sensor goes off, and we need to scramble to pull the fuse to shut it off. From then on, no lights, which is a pain, and no sensor, which is a problem.

    The fan on the coverter runs, and the manual indicates it is supposed to charge the battery automatically. There is no switch on the converter.

    Has anyone else had this issue? I have no wiring diagram, and that seems to be a consistent complaint I've seen on this converter. The converter is OEM from the dealer/manufacturer. I don't want to go back to the dealer because we bought the unit out of town and it's a few hours drive. And the local dealer seems hesitant to get into the problem.

    If anyone has any insight into this I'd appreciate it. Perhaps it's a wiring problem, perhaps it's a converter problem, or perhaps I need to keep the solar panel on the battery and run the lights and sensor from that, and let the shore power handle the outlets and fridge?

    Thanks to anyone who can shed some (ahem) light, on this problem for us.

    NeverStop, NeverSitDown, Keep Moving!
  2. jacobsdad

    jacobsdad New Member

    Jul 17, 2007
    I have a 2000 Rockwood with the same issue. I have only had the camper about 1 month. All I do is disconnect the battery if I am going to be without shore power for more than about 2 weeks. If not I will get the alarm sounds. I have not checked the battery on board. The fan does run alot while plugged into shore power. This past weekend while camping the tv charged the battery for about 5 hours and was plugged into shore power for 36 hours. Battery is going on 48 hours ok.
    I know when I first brought my pop up home the previous owner left the 3-way fridge in the on postion. If you are not plugged into shore power it will drain your battery fast. If you have the fridge make sure the switch is in the off position.
    As for the wiring diagram:
    Red-black battery wire
    Blue-3-way fridge
    Blue/white-lights, lp detector,
    Can I get a copy of your Centurion owners manual?
    I hope this helps you.
    Thanks, Jim
  3. Jwspelts

    Jwspelts New Member

    Jun 7, 2016
    Is there an on and off switch for this converter
  4. tenttrailer

    tenttrailer Art & Joyce - Columbus, O

    Jul 18, 2013
    Thornville, OH
    If you disconnect the battery and are connected to shore power. Do your 12v lights work?
  5. edh

    edh Active Member

    Jun 2, 2008
    Don't some converters require you to move a switch when switching between battery and shore power?
  6. tenttrailer

    tenttrailer Art & Joyce - Columbus, O

    Jul 18, 2013
    Thornville, OH
    I think it was only the early converters that you had that switch. I believe the centurion 3000 was mid 90's to mid 2000's which was after the switch era.
  7. Customer

    Customer Well-Known Member

    Jun 5, 2014
    Rather than tag onto an eight year old thread you would do better starting your own. Describe your issue.

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