Cox Cadet Cushions Project (hopefully!)

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  1. Kristyn

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    Hello and huge thanks to anyone who might have an answer for this one:

    My husband and I have a Cox Cadet 200 series pop-up and we adore it. It's very vintage and cool. It's pretty rough but we've had a blast. Among other necessaries, however, the pair of main bed cushions are falling apart. I am handy with textiles and have a sturdy sewing machine here in my home office. For a Christmas gift, I want to construct replacements for the creased/folding bed cushions. I have a source for new foam, and some "groovy" new fabric and sash but here is the problem:

    The pop-up is at my husband's shop in a warehouse for winter storage. There is no way I can sneak in and unfold it without the ever inquisitive Bill asking why I might want the key. This is problematic because I need to get the dimensions of the old cushions. YIKES

    My guess is as follows...all to be done twice, of course:

    I think maybe everything is about 73" long (?) The seam-hinged sections go at about 20-24" wide to comprise a total width of about 4' when opened for a bed. I'm thinking poly foam of 6-inch thickness.

    How might I come up with a definitive answer without blowing this surprise gift?

    Again, my thanks for any insights!

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    May 3, 2007
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    Sorry, I cant help you as I have a 1965 Cox Campsquire (different size beds then yours), however I am in the same boat in that I need new bed cushions, I have found I only have enough clearance when fold up for 4 inch thick foam, might want to double check the clearance to see if your 6 inch foam will fit.
  3. Kristyn

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    Hi Rich and Barb and Dexter and Grace,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I'll take any numerical hints I can get. I really think you're right about the thickness of the foam which is a huge deal-maker/breaker at fold down! To be safe, I'm heeding your advice and going the 4" route.

  4. CamperChrissy

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    Nov 25, 2016
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    Hey @Kristyn - sorry I can't help with your measurements.

    But I would like to recommend my favorite mod: adding anti-fatigue foam tiles under the foam mattress. Our Jayco also has just enough clearance for the stock 4-inch mattresses. But I added those tile underneath (which are only about 1/2 inch) and it made a surprising improvement in the bed comfort. And it's insulation under the bed too. Love mine!
  5. CampStewart

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    Nov 3, 2017
    There is a cox owners facebook page, Ill bet someone there could give you exact dimensions. I don't have the link but a google search will get you to a site with original cox brochures and dimensions. I know the width is 40 inches, I am not sure of the length but it is somewhat shorter than a standard mattress. I bought a cadet fixer upper that is all buttoned up for the winter. I will need new canvas and new mattresses in the spring for mine.

    Edit: When determining the length of the mattress keep in mind that the top bows take up some space and the mattress needs to be short enough to fit between them.
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