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    I’m wondering if there is any significant heating/cooling difference between the three versions of PUGs? I’m considering buying a set for our new camper, but $ is flying out the window with everything else I’m getting for it! If the basic entry level ones keep the camper cool/warm as the $$$ ones I’d rather save the $! Thanks for any help.
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    The only difference (besides price) is how they attach to the bunkend.
    • Standard Covers - Attach using clamps along the sides (included)
    • High Wind Covers - Attach using a combination of bungee cord on leading edge and clamps along the sides (included)
    • Super High Wind Covers - Attach using bungee cord which essentially wraps around the bunkend in several places (included)
    Each of the above covers may be also attached using the optional Velcro.
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    I will tell you. If you camp where it's going to be windy I would go with a super high wind. I went through a bad wind storm with wind upwards of 25mph and had it been any other those covers it would have been in the next county over. As good as those clips are at holding the covers on, the wind can pick those suckers up and clips go flying. If you tend to camp where you have some protection from the wind you can get away with something different. I do suggest to install Velcro or have Bob do so so you can attach it under the lip of the roof. That will also help prevent it from shifting too much and make it easier to close the camper with them on.
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