Dynatrail Tires?

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    I'm looking at tires locally because this guy is good to me for a lot of automotive work. Additionally, if I order tires from ETrailer, I would have to take them to him to have them mounted. He's a good guy, so I'm trying to buy from him to keep my business local (and to keep a brick and mortar store open).

    He's offering me Trail King tires by Dynatrail. I've never heard of them, so I do some random internet searches and learn that they're a Chinese tire. Have any of y'all ever run Dynatrail tires?
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  2. Snow

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    Jul 19, 2007
    Never heard of them, but 99% of trailer tires are made in China.. Some are good, some just go BOOM ..
  3. f5moab

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    Never heard of them, they are made by ..China Mfrs. Alliance LLC which also makes Dynacargo and Dynastar which I have also never heard of on any forum.

    It is not necessarily where a tire (or any product) is manufactured, it is who the company is and do they make sure the quality control is up to standards. China can manufacture a product as good as anyplace in the world; however, if the company does not care about quality control or extensive engineering, then guess what you get....crap. If the company does have a great quality control and engineering, then you can get a great product.

    Sad part is like Snow says, some are good some go boom and the problem is you only know for sure when you hear the boom.
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    I don't know about Trail King, but have Trailer King tires on my boat trailer. Never a problem in many years of use.

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