Environmental Friendly Crafts for Kids

Discussion in 'Camping Green' started by Michele Spencer, Apr 7, 2017.

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    Apr 4, 2017
    I camp with a slew of kids--sometimes as many as 10. They range in age from teenager to 6 years old. I have seen some crafts using shaving cream and food coloring that I would like to do with them but I do not want to leave a mess on our campsite or cause any harm to the critters that roam the state park. Anyone have any ideas about how bad this stuff is or how hard it is to clean up? And of course, I would welcome alternative ideas besides coloring and the usual things. TIA!
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    No idea how shaving cream or food coloring is for the environment. During early fall we do a type of scavenger hunt and collect leaves acorns, etc and decorate paper plates. We've also did paper mache. Using just flour and water and newspapers. My sidekick however always preferred to be on the move so we invented more games vrs tabletop crafts. beach ball toss or water bottle bowling. If there is a field or playground we tossed a tennis ball.

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