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Discussion in 'Campground Etiquette' started by chiefbowes, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. sea-piner

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    Oct 9, 2015
    This thread interests me as I am the father of two young girls and manners are very important to us as parents as is just simply being nice. I am of the yes maam, no sir mentality. My kids are 4 and 6 and my wife stayed at home and is now starting to work more as they will be in school for most of the day soon. I think how something is said is much more important than what is said. That being said, I do think unrealistic expectations and the "kids these days," mentality contributes to anger in social situations--not that anyone on this thread is doing this, but I suspect it does contribute in some way, however minor. I subscribe to the "kill them with kindness," and I try to stay positive after any perceived negative social interaction.

    I believe that these interactions snowball. For example, a cashier is having a bad day, husband lost his job, kids are sick, etc... I go into the store stressed: running late, wife needs help at home, etc... I go to check out and I make some off the cuff comment and cashier snips back at me. I had a bad experience and now I treat cashier's differently. Every cashier I now come in contact with, I am skeptical and not nice to, etc...

    I think it is every citizen of the worlds responsibility to make the world a better place. Kill them with kindness and you'll feel better and so will they and the world will be better in some small way. Maybe/probably naïve.

    my soapbox/2 cents
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    Jun 5, 2014
    In some ways the world (fellow people) are a mirror and reflect back what you project.
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    Morris County, NJ
    I have been an Assistant Scoutmaster in our Boy Scout Troop since 2007 and before that a den leader since our son was in 2nd grade (he is 20 now and an Eagle Scout). I am totally amazed every year when we get new scouts in. I don't know who is worse, the scouts or their parents!!! I am talking about rudeness and how they talk. Then when I speak with the parents I learn why the kids are the way they are!!!! [V]
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    Mar 12, 2014
    The proper way for them is to just tell you I will be back in a moment with your change. Many times I will say Thanks, just keep it. When they are presumptuous like you mentioned, they must walk back to get it. It is the small things.
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    sea-piner.... You and I must be cut from the same cloth.... I totally agree with you. Kill them with kindness will usually disarm all but the sociopaths...
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    Oct 9, 2015
    Good thing I am having a slow work day or I would have missed your response. It seems simple to me. There are actually many studies that show just forcing yourself to smile will increase one's happiness and those around you...everyone wants to be happy, right? So, why not?
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    Mar 7, 2018
    my wife & I tried the public campgrounds a few times. You have the week-ender power drinkers that use colorful descriptive language. The music is crank up load & usually not my brand of music anyhow. They party until late in the early morning hours. People eyeing you, or some form of threat provoking gestures. We both deal with the public for a living & the last thing we want is more public on our time for ourselves. That's not what we call a relaxing time. The only time we find ourselves not disperse camping is when we are camping with our son & his family which they prefer public state parks a few times a out of the year.
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    You need to try some other state parks! Been camping the entire 54 years of my life - regularly - lived in 3 states and have only encountered loud drunks maybe 3 times - all of which were dealt with quickly and effectively by the rangers. Never had anyone eyeing me or making any threat provoking gestures. Ever.
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    Here in New Hampshire there are only 3 places to "disperse camp" and these are the places were the young loud drunks goto camp. A state park is a sanctuary from the rif raf.
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