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    Oct 4, 2014
    The family and I had the pleasure of spending a week down in disney last month. I know that fort wilderness isn't what most people normally look for in a campground (I include myself in that), but I consider it was met our needs perfectly for this vacation. We chose the second week in November because it is suppose to be on of the non busiest weeks and it did not dissapoint. Weather was amazing. Rained for maybe an hour all week and the temps were 60's at night and high of 70's during the day.
    We took a day and a half to travel the 1250 miles. We arrive a couple hours before our site was ready but our golf cart was available so we grabbed our bathroom bags and showered and had a pretty decent brunch buffet. It was our youngest child's birthday and when the server found out she made sure he was treated like a king. Special birthday pins are available, so where ever he went all the employees would wish him a happy birthday.
    Now normally I would prefer to go to a campground without golf carts and on site restaurants, and we would be fine without water and electric. But our main focus was the amusement parks, so after 15 hours at magic kingdom, it was nice to have some of those luxuries.
    As expected the camp store, restaurant, and bar were pricey. The snack bar at pool and campfire/movie night werent to bad. The pool itself wasn't crowded and was huge. Our loop was mostly tent campers when we got there and they were mostly quiet. By the end of the week a large group of pop up campers moved in and boy were they obnoxious. Kids riding bikes through sites, loud as late as 11pm and kids driving golf carts alone. The kids driving the golf cart alone bothered me enough to call the front desk, 30 min later it was still going on so I made a trip to the office. They said it was handled but would not elaborate how. When I got back the wife said an employee saw them and stopped it while I was gone. Was kinda surprised they didnt take the cart away.
    The bus transportation (boat for magic kingdom) were all reliable and useful. We had the park hopper so 4 out of our 5 park days we came back to the camper for lunch.
    Trip home we got a flat outside of Charlotte but found a shop and had it fixed in a hour. It was also snowing starting in west Virginia till we got home.

    The few negative from the trip; no fires at campsite without approved pit (Not like we had time.) Washer and dryer prices. Kids driving the golf carts.

    Positives/suggestions; save an extra day for just the campground, plenty of stuff to do on a rest day. Get a golf cart, it's pricey, but I couldn't imagine having to take a bus to get around the campground. If going in in November or December, bring some Christmas decorations, some people really go all out so try to join in. Take advantage of buses, we would leave a park at noon go back to the campsite have a decent lunch and be in a different park by 2. On the amusement park side of things we recomend getting the park hopper and memory maker (pictures). We didn't really enjoy Hollywood studios so left after a couple hours and spent an extra half day at animals kingdom. And leave the picture taking up to the professionals with memory maker and the photos pop up in your phone within an hour.

    So this was our last trip to disney. The kids are all getting older 14, 11, and 8. It was the third time going for the wife and two older children, the second for our youngest, and my fifth time. It's expensive. It's far away. It's expensive lol. This list of reasons why we won't go back is very long.....

    Don't tell my wife, but I can't wait to go back!
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    Jul 30, 2008
    Excellent review.

    I have never camped at Disney. I also dont have children. That doesn't mean we don't love amusement parks, though. We go to one or two every year.
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    Mar 3, 2016
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    Awesome! We have a week reserved in June.
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    Sep 9, 2015
    We go often and only go to the parks 2-3 times over a week. The fort is fun enough.
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    Jun 21, 2017
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    Don't give up on Hollywood Studios- right now so much of that park is closed because of all the construction. I think once Star Wars land opens it definitely be worth a day.

    I have thought about Camping a FW- it looks like lots of fun. I have heard that it is highly recommended to get a golf cart but was wondering once you get a golf cart doesn't it end up costing as much as one of the hotel resorts?
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    Sep 9, 2015
    Just ride your bikes. The trails are great and the terrain is flat.
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    Jul 20, 2016
    Central New York
    We were there 2 weeks after you. We chose not to use the transportation and just drove our own car. This meant we didn't need a golf cart. The only negative was we had to arrive later due to a health reason and they couldn't extend our reservation on the other side so we had no time to explore and really enjoy the campground. It was just a place to sleep. We look forward to going back and taking advantage of the amenities.
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    Oct 7, 2010
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    We just got back on Saturday. Didn' camp, we stayed at a resort on site (value). I did camp at FW as a tiny tot back in the late 70's. Pop up, no a.c..
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    Oct 15, 2006
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    Sounds like ya'll had a great adventure....Good Luck, Merry Christmas..
  10. scubacamper

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    Mar 19, 2013
    Jacksonville, FL
    We camped there about 2 years ago and want to go back. The family has just as much fun at the campground as we do at Magic Kingdom. That was with the old PUP and now with the new 2013 Coachman we would be in real comfort.
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  11. CamperChrissy

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    Nov 25, 2016
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    Sounds like a great time! We've been to Disney 5 or 6 times and stayed at different hotels. We've also visited the campground (but not camped there). Did you see the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review? It's a dinner with show right at the campground and lots of fun.

    If anyone goes next Christmas-time, they also offer Sleigh Rides through the campground. We were at Disney for Christmas 2016 and went on the sleigh ride (obviously it is fake sleigh with wheels under the sled runners). It was fun and quiet and so cool to ride around and see all the campers decorated for Christmas!
  12. scubacamper

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    Mar 19, 2013
    Jacksonville, FL
    I just looked at going to the Fort over the 16 March weekend but everything is booked. Since we couldn't find anything else it was a thought for a 3 night stay but since it's the last weekend of Bike Week it's booked...oh well, maybe later this summer.
  13. Orchid

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    We "camp" at Fort Wilderness often. As mentioned, it's more like using your camper as a mobile hotel room than camping. Although I still have to say that it's more wooded and closer to camping than Jellystone, or other parks like that.

    We have annual passes, live 2.5 hours away, and go to Disney often anyway. We are going down for one night this coming week, at a resort. Not worth camping set up for one night.

    We have never rented a golf cart and just use the internal buses to get around. Like the OP, I hate that people allow their kids to drive golf carts. I kind of dislike the golf carts in general, but they will never go away.

    Some of the biggest perks for staying at Fort Wilderness:

    * 10 people allowed per site, unlike 4 or 5 in resort rooms. We often go as extended family with our grown kids and grandchildren putting a tent on our site. Technically, you can only have 2 camping units per site, but Disney does not enforce that as long as you are on your site. Actually, they don't enforce much of anything, other than the fire pit rule. (kids driving golf carts ... UGH!)

    * Disney food is pricey and, in my opinion, nothing to write home about. Camping allows you to bring your own full kitchen along. I personally prepare and freeze meals at home, since we have a good sized freezer in our camper and live nearby. But, there are many nearby grocery stores and even a couple of grocery delivery services.

    * Tent loops allow pop-ups are between $50-$60 per night much of the year. They do go up a bit during peak season. Because of the high occupancy allowed, it's very easy for two families to split the cost (but one much be in a tent since you can only have one camper per site.)

    * Tent loops offer every amenity of all the more expensive loops, other than septic hook ups. There is electric, water, cable, and free wifi. There is no dump station, so black or grey water can be dumped at any empty full hook-up site.

    * You and your family get to sleep in your own, familiar beds, with your own bedding. I personally don't sleep well in hotel rooms. I am much more comfortable in my own bed, surrounded by my own stuff.

    * Even though only approved (covered w/mesh sides) fire pits are allowed, Fort Wilderness has community campfires at The Meadows every night of the year, where you can roast marshmallows to make s'mores or hot dogs. Chip & Dale are there and the campfire is followed by a sing along and movie. It's all completely free if you bring your own s'more or hot dog supplies. They do sell them there, but bringing your own is best.

    * Fort Wilderness comfort stations are second to none. They are air conditioned, spotless and modern. The laundry facilities are fantastic as well, although it's $3 load to wash and the same to dry. The machines do hold quite a bit.

    * And, of course, you're CAMPING! Coming back from a long day at the parks, the kids are not trapped inside a hotel room watching tv. They can be outside, ride bikes, or play just like they would when camping anywhere. Pretty nice for the grown ups, too. Nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy.

    Never give up on trying to get reservations for Fort Wilderness. Even if you have to reserve it one night at a time and then link the reservations together, it always works out for us. People make reservations and cancel constantly. It pays to keep checking back.

    Although we usually book our own trips for everything, I do have a travel agent that I use for our Fort reservations. He can almost always get your trip booked for when you want. He checks the system four times per day and usually books one or two nights at a time, then links them together as I mentioned. In the end, he has always gotten our dates booked for us. We even stayed two weeks at Halloween last year, which is the busiest holiday of year at the Fort. (not at the parks, just the Fort)

    He specializes in Disney, but especially Fort Wilderness. His services are 100% free, but not sure if I am allowed to give his information here. If you are interested in using him (I'm not related to him, or friends with him, other than a professional relationship) PM me and I will give you his email address.
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    Aug 8, 2013
    I would love to try it. I live 1400 miles from Disney . We just came back from a 1 week trip and sure is expensive. If not for not great school system i will move as i work remote so location is nothing to do with job.

    i want to try this.
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    @Orchid I think posting his info would be fine. It's not like he came here just to post it. It was a response to a question. Or, if you need it more direct. Orchid, could you post that guys info? I think I'll call him.

    My only comment on this thread. We've been to Disney 3 or 4 times (depends on which kid your talking about). We hit the parks HARD, when we get back to where we sleep. We sleep. Hopefully, as the kids get older, this will change.
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