Help! I bent my pole!

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  1. Sarah22

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    May 4, 2018
    Hello, I am a brand new owner of a new to me 1995 Jayco 1006st and I have a problem with the pole on the tongue of the hitch. The pole is supposed to be flush with the wheel that stabilizes it so you can get the trailer off your ball, but unfortunately something happened and it was left too low, then bent en route to where we were going. Now we’re home and it is incredibly precarious! So I’m hesitant to detach my pup but I need my car for work!

    Is there a way to fix this or is there a good replacement someone could recommend? Any help is appreciated!

    Thanks, Sarah
  2. tombiasi

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    Sep 1, 2012
    Northwestern New Jersey
    I don't know what a pole is but it sounds like you bent you jack. Put something under the hitch to hold the tongue while you disconnect and get a new jack.
  3. Bowman3d

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    Apr 13, 2015
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    Pics would help. If you have time or harbor freight if not. Hopefully it’s bolted on instead of welded.
  4. roybraddy

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    Mar 23, 2016
    King George, Virginia
    What got bent.... My tongue has one of these front jack stands to hold up the tongue when getting it off the trailer ball...

    This has a pin through a hole so i can remove it if I need too...

    I also have a similar stand that has a wheel on it instead of a pad so you can roll the trailer around if you are on a hard surface...


    The round tube these two stand attach to are part of the trailer tongue jack. If it is bent you will have to remove the trailer jack held on with three bolts get someone to straighten it back out or just buy a new trailer jack from

    A new trailer jack looks like this but you will want to find one similar to what you already have so you can use the stands etc... will show them... Only those three bolts hold them on to your trailer... Might take it off and see if a someone can straighten out the bend first... or take a photo of it with your cell phone to show ETRAILER what you need. I'm just plugging away here and not knowing what got bent. If you get it off take it to a local automotive shop or tire shop and see if they can fix it...
    You should be able to still jack the tongue off the trailer hitch on your car... May have to get your tire changing jack out and use some boards...

    Also keep in mind the best way to remove the jack stand is to leave it sitting on the car trailer ball or a stack of wood etc... Something will need to support the trailer tongue before removing the jack...

    Roy Ken
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  5. nineoaks2004

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    Oct 15, 2006
    Graceville, Florida
    Sounds like the jack is bent, if so is it electric or manual. HF has good deals on both, if it is the jack, hook up to the TV and then you can remove the three screws holding the jack on and replace it. If it is electric just replace the wire for the motor. That is the first thing I did was replace the manual jack with an electric as soon as I got home with the unit. other than that I do not exactly know ( as do the others ) what a pole is. Good luck and Happy Camping
  6. jnc

    jnc Welcome from New Hampshire

    I hope they figured out how to jack it up with a different jack.
  7. TDS-MN

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    Sep 29, 2013
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    Last year I bent the tongue jack on my '93 Jayco. After a lot of searching online, I found that most every jack available currently, had a larger diameter tube than the model that originally came on my pup. Here's hoping that a '95 has a size that is easier to find/replace.

    Mine was attached to the trailer frame by 3 bolts, so removal was easy. I ended up selecting a new jack, the "Ultimate Trailer Jack" at Tractor supply, and modified my a-frame to fit that much larger tube. But I gained the ability to retract the jack tube way up, to increase my ground clearance, as well as getting the option for much more travel when extending the jack, as the whole tube assembly can be raised or lowered due to the jack tube design. Ended up using a plasma cutter to enlarge the hole, and then welding to the a-frame, so it wasn't a 'plug-and-play' type exchange.

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