Help, need to find proper Leaf Springs for 2006 Starcraft 2106

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    Aug 2, 2018
    Hey guys I need to get new leaf springs for my 2006 Starcraft 2106 however I can't seem to figure out what size I need. The documentation does not help and unfortunately Starcraft support is not answering my email requests. Upon reading it can be figured out by knowing the weight capacity of the Axle however there is no sticker or information on it, and the documentation does state it's Dexter but it's generic and does not say which I have. The other way I read to do it is to raise the tent trailer and measure, though that requires equipment to lift on each corner which I don't have. If anyone out there knows what they use on these Starcraft 2106, I'm sure it's not year specific as they look fairly similar around those years. Thank you!
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    Does the trailer have brakes? how many studs holding the wheel on and the diameter of the axle. How many leafs, eyes on both ends or a slipper. and the CGVW of the trailer.
    With these measurements there are several companies that can help you.
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    Here is some tips on measuring your springs ...leaf-springs
    Posting what size tire and wheel you have may also help us figure out the axle capacity.
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