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    Years ago my son, and Bill a good friend, were camping on the Ocklawaha river in central Fl. This was one of those "we will eat what we catch trips" Well needless to say we could not even buy a bite of any fish that was big enough to clean. Potato soup was getting awfully tasteless after 5 days and we had another 5 to go and no place to buy anything as the river was vacant of any business in those days. I had read in a survival book about eating the bait .We started saving all the little minnows and as we call them "tater chips" that we could get. after awhile we had a bunch of them caught by trapping in a minnow trap, I took these and put them in a sock (clean of course but this part sometimes gets left out :))
    and we mashed them up, put them in the pot of tater soup and let them cook for awhile, after awhile we removed the sock, emptied the minners in the river and had the best tasting tater soup we had tasted in 5 days, in fact the whole pot was eaten.
    Just goes to show that ingenuity goes a long ways and the lesson learned that NEVER NEVER plan a trip without back up food be it dehydrated, canned or whatever. The fish finally started to bite but Lil Roy still tells that story to this day.
    BY the way Steve: you can move this if you want but it is a true cooking story

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