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Discussion in 'Camper Restoration Projects' started by carriermnky, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. tls2971

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    Feb 2, 2017
    Lexington, KY
    You're doing a great job! I'm impressed. I just bought my first PUP and she needs a lot of work too. I plan on stripping down the roof this weekend and rebuilding it the following weekend. Thankfully I have no floor rot. Mine is a 10' camper so I plan on pulling out the sink and cabinets to give me more space. Somehow I will need to figure out how to add support to the walls since I am pulling the cabinets. I'm sure this website will have advice. Keep up the great work and definitely keep us posted on your progress.
  2. IngieBee

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    Oct 2, 2016
    Hey there, I just wanted to say that you're doing a great job so far and that I hope you're not discouraged. Really these things are not that complex. The one main thing I suggest is that you not throw away your interior Furniture pieces. The other thing that's important is that although all the interior stuff is thin and seems cheap, the popup is made to be very very lightweight. Even if your car can pull a heavier camper, you still have to pay attention to the axle of the camper. It can only take so much. Right now I'm in the middle of trying to fix up a popup as well. It might be a little easier for me, although I'm a woman, because I've done a lot of work in our house and I worked in the business of construction. But really I think it's not impossible to do even for the ground up if that's what ends up happening to you. So please do not get discouraged because it looks like you got a big project in front of you.

    Mostly store the aluminum skin safely you will need it. Also safely store all the vents and doors, the trim just all the little parts. Make sure you don't lose them if possible. That kind of stuff can get expensive to replace. The wood structure underneath the skin is not that expensive. I suggest when you're putting this back together again to use screws and pre drill the holes, because I find that it's actually easier especially if you have a electric screwdriver. It also makes for a nice tight and strong finish. If you manage to finish this project, you will know everything about your camper, how to fix any problems, and probably feel more confident in camping than anyone else in their popup. By the way I also put laminate flooring in my popup I figured it was worth the extra weight and it looks awesome.
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    Jan 9, 2017
    Thank you both tls2971 & IngieBee for such great support. I'm getting a lot on here. I need and want it. It's good to learn and know it's given with great heart.

    Ha, discouragement...picture this

    when I took the last skin side off, and the front fell forward and off the subflooring... it was almost in slow motion (can you say "crickets").

    I just stood there for a sec and reassessed... well.. this WAS a blessing to strip her down. I still can't believe it wasn't secure to the subflooring. So far, I'm not in that frame of mind yet. Hoping I don't get there, (she schmirks) the wiring and the lift system has given me some anxiety. Just reading here every night and doing a little every day after work is keeping me steady.

    Oh IngieBee, I have saved ALL small parts in one container, all metal has a picture and tagged before removing, all lights have pictures of wiring and tagged too.

    Great advice for those who haven't worked with wood to pre drill holes. I have no problem admitting I know this, yet didn't follow through and cracked the old wood right in half! It's so brittle, but even with new wood it's the best so it won't crack. So... as I put her back together, no short cuts.

    As for the furniture/skin... too late I took her to the dump. My mom (Pop has passed, he would have been great to pick his brain in this area they LOVED to RV) told me to really watch the weight distribution. So when I start to put her back together the must have's, like 13 gal fresh water container, pump, fridge, battery, LP tank, shower/toilet (built in), the wood for the two bunks and last drawers/seating, the iron cookstove, flooring is heaving too, will all be considered where best to make sure when after loaded I don't create a problem. :/

    So I'll work with the great advice and more. I LOVE this place. Keep it coming and I hope that my thread too will one day be helpful or motivate those who never have done this before.
  4. carriermnky

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    Jan 9, 2017
    I decided to work with the flex seal and seal all around the edges of the subflooring. I'll then wrap it with aluminum trim. I kept on spraying right up the framing too. I'm sure it'll split during all the movement, but at least there's an effort.



  5. Boatnman

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    Jan 19, 2017
    western Colorado
    Carriermnky, you're doing a GREAT job.

    Now I can see why you are considering re-doing the wiring.

    Keep up the good work and keep posting.
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  6. 4BeachBums+

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    Apr 22, 2016

    Thanks for sharing! I love following all these rebuilds! We are in the middle of a complete rebuild. We purchased a 1997 Flagstaff and though it looked like it had some water damage (sides of the roof and front storage trunk corners), when we got into it, we ended up taking it down to the trailer and starting over. We saved every little piece/part (as Ingiebee suggested) to use as a template. We have put diamond plate on the front and rear and rewired everything. We only have a few exterior things to do. We are in the middle of the interior, the kitchen area. We are putting a shower in using a laundry tub, another idea I got from this site! We were very surprised to see the actual construction of pop ups. We are confident that our custom pop up will be more than we could have hoped for! We purchased ours Feb 2016 and we are still at it. We work and have family so many things pull us away. We can't wait to get camping one day soon! Good luck and keep the faith! Popupportal ROCKS! [8D][PU]

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