1. leningradka

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    Apr 26, 2016
    Phoenix AZ
    Question; we are camping with water hook up. I have a pressure regulator that is on the camper side (not the faucet side of the site). My faucet keeps “popping” if I open up the water all the way, and this is the second faucet that is doing that. I replaced the first one. Any ideas why? Anyone else have this problem? Should the pressure regulator be on the other side? I don’t understand why this is happening (second pic is normal faucet, first is “popped” after the water is fully turned on) thank you! 42415EE8-87A6-4270-A3C1-5221B4DBD00C.jpeg DDB8B7A3-88AB-4DA1-A771-0FBE3529B942.jpeg

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