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Discussion in 'Healthy Outdoor Cooking' started by 00 Quad Cab, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. 00 Quad Cab

    00 Quad Cab Member

    Mar 5, 2016
    Does anyone on here follow a low carb diet? I do for medical reasons.

    Of you do what do you pack or purchase for camping?

    I know camping is about relaxing/enjoying but I would like some ideas from anyone who eats low carb.
  2. DiscoB75

    DiscoB75 Guest

    How serendipitous that you asked this. I just posted on another post about what food is brought on camping trips.

    Last weekend, I brought cheese, olives, and summer sausage for a quick and easy dinner after setting up. I had some almond butter for dessert.

    For breakfast the next morning, I fried up some grass-fed ground beef with half a red bell pepper and half an onion, seasoned it with cajun seasoning, cheddar cheese, then cracked 5 eggs into it. I had that for breakfast on Saturday, then again on Sunday.

    For lunch, I fried up some brats and made a fresh cucumber salad with bacon bits and ranch dressing.

    I had a couple of brats for dinner, as my appetite has gone down quite a bit after becoming keto-adapted.

    I also had bacon, some good cheese-case cheese, some almonds, and beef jerky that I didn't dip into, but had just in case.

    I made a big jug of sun tea and drank that all weekend along with lots of water.

    My next trip, I'm going to bring a crockpot and make some great low-carb dishes with that.
  3. DiscoB75

    DiscoB75 Guest

    Oh, and lots of Kerrygold butter!!
  4. 00 Quad Cab

    00 Quad Cab Member

    Mar 5, 2016
    Have only been following this diet for about 8 months and haven't been camping since then. Sitting down tonight I was wondering about a menu for Memorial weekend and started searching.

    Thank you for some ideas!
  5. DiscoB75

    DiscoB75 Guest

    Glad to be of help!

    I've been doing it off and on for years. Last year, I was diagnosed with severe insulin resistance and was borderline Type 2. I refused insulin, and instead, decided to convert to a ketogenic lifestyle. In November, I started full force. My numbers went down a bit, but I wasn't losing weight. Come to find out that one of my unrelated medications was causing me to stay the same weight because it elevated my triglycerides ridiculously (it usually causes non-low-carb people to gain weight). My GP switched the medicine to a different one on April 6th. Since then, I have lost 19 lbs, and my blood sugar is perfect (90's fasting, down from a 138 average) and my dawn phenomenon has gone away. I still take Metformin before bed because it helps with tons of other things.
    Plus, I feel great and am actually putting on muscle!
  6. 00 Quad Cab

    00 Quad Cab Member

    Mar 5, 2016
    Been doing it for the same reason, been doing it since August. I am now down 74 pounds and FBS in the 80's. Not easy to prepare for camping, especially when I look back at my old diet.

    Hoping to be able to apply my WOE to camping with no slips.
  7. ricko

    ricko Member

    Apr 6, 2009
    Nashville, TN
    We love to cook on campouts and work hard to keep it balanced and low-carb. So - breakfasts are bacon, eggs and high fiber cereals, whole fruits, etc. Lunches tend to be high protein or low carb with peanut butter, sun chips, nuts for snacking. Dinners will be something along the line of lean burgers, pork tenderloin, etc - instead of potatoes we'll do sweet potatoes as they are more fiber than carbs.

    This along with staying active keeps my glucose numbers in line, is pretty easy to cook and most of all - yummy.

    Good luck.

  8. speckhunter80

    speckhunter80 Well-Known Member

    Seldom a reason you can't eat the same foods PUP camping as you do at home.
  9. DiscoB75

    DiscoB75 Guest

    Awesome progress, 00 Quad Cab!!!

    I even recommend going more decadent than usual: Get a couple of grass-fed filet mignons. Buy the good expensive cheese. Splurge on the almond butter. Buy some prosciutto and pancetta. Get the blue cheese stuffed olives. Have a glass of red wine or two. Make a low-carb smores cheesecake with almond flour crust. Or come up with a very special low-carb recipe like a slow-cooker chili or stew that you only make when going camping.

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