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    just saw this on news report....

    The Putnam County, Florida, Sheriff's Office reported Friday that a woman was killed and a man was injured near Crescent City when a tree fell on their camper during the storm.

    With all the photos of empty campgrounds, I am surprised anyone would try to ride it out in a camper.
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    They probably evacuated the coast and were in a parking lot or something. I haven't read about it yet.

    Most of the campgrounds are closed. They really should have moved further to the west, but hindsight is 20/20. [:!]

    Our town here is filled to the brim with people in RVs of all kinds. A PUP could have easily ridden out the storm here in Lake City, so long as it wasn't near any large trees. Falling trees are the biggest risk we face here. Even though this is the place all the evacuations routes lead to, we still have the problem of the ground being sand. It doesn't take much to fell a tree in a place with no rocks in the ground.

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