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Discussion in 'RV Dealers & Repair Shops' started by tcbrady, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. tcbrady

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    Apr 30, 2018
    Central Pennsylvania
    Anyone have any experience with this dealership? We're passing through on Friday to look at a 2018 Rockwood HW276 that we're extremely interested in. Spoke with a salesman over the phone and got a rough estimate on trade in of our 2014 Flagstaff MAC 228. Sales manager called yesterday to help set up an appointment and go over all our other questions. As of now, deal seems too good to be true. [LOL] Hence the reason I'm reaching out here looking for some guidance. Any feedback or things to watch out for are always appreciated.
  2. Balthisar

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    Jun 26, 2018
    Plymouth, MI USA
    Watch out for add on fees, if you didn't already get an "out the door" quote.
  3. jmkay1

    jmkay1 2004 Fleetwood/Coleman Utah

    Oct 10, 2013
    Northern Virginia
    McGeorges is a huge facility. I remember stopping there once on a spur of the moment once on my way home from a business trip. However couldn't get anyone's attention to help me. Grant you I didn't have a family with me which is their usual clientele After about a 35 min wait I gave up. So I don't have much to add about the place. Just watch out for all the add on fees. Many places give you a rock bottom quote to get you in, but add on so many extra fees to make up for the lowball quote they gave you. They may end up costing more money than a competitor. Those places are usually banking on you falling in love with the unit and the desire to be done with the search. So many go for it.
  4. MrsSquid

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    Aug 31, 2016
    We were passing through earlier this year and stopped. I noted a whole row of pop-ups. The sales rep mentioned that he has sold more pop-ups this year than the past 12 years. I think I got that time frame right. I thought that was interesting, considering the number of motorhomes they have on the lot.

    If you have the time, you might want to check the inventory at General RV also to see if they have something comparable. General is literally down the street.

    Balthisar is correct. Watch the add-on fees. If you finance, check around with other lenders to compare rates.

    We haven't bought any units from them, but so far, no complaints about pushiness when we're just there looking.

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