Measurements for 2005 Viking epic 2308?

Discussion in 'Slide-Outs / Bunkends' started by MaeKay, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. MaeKay

    MaeKay Active Member

    Oct 18, 2017
    We already put our pup down for a while (hopefully not the whole winter though). And now I can't find where I wrote down the measurements for the two bunk ends so I can make bunk end covers this winter! My measurements weren't entirely accurate anyway... Does anyone have measurements for a similar trailer?

    On the PUG website it lists the 2003 Viking Saga 2308 and the 2011-2015 Viking Epic 2308 and they're fairly different measurements. I don't really want to call the company and say, "Hey, do you have measurements for this model even though I'm not going to buy them from you?"

    Can anyone help me out here? I'm really hoping to get these made and the reflectix cut so we can go camping more this winter. If I have to blow the snow out of my yard to drag my trailer out to the street I will. We're only a few hours drive from warmer weather!

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