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    1. Defrost chicken breast fillets and place in heated wok.
    2. Add garlic paste and replace tube in cupboard.
    3. Prepare salad items from fridge (tomatoes,lettuce etc.)
    4. Open cupboard to get salt and pepper to season.
    5. Attempt to catch curry powder pot that has been dislodged by
    the garlic tube....but miss.
    6. Scrape as much curry covered butter spread from the tub and
    add to the curry powder covered chicken in the wok.
    7.Retrieve as much curry powder as possible from work surface
    and return to pot.(at this point keep pot well out of reach).
    8. Sweep curry powder off floor and bin it.
    9. Return lettuce and tomatoes to the fridge then carefully
    open the cupboard and find rice.
    10. Add rice to boiling water and simmer till cooked.
    11. Add tomato puree, onions, mushrooms to chicken.
    12. Taste.
    13. Add yoghurt to reduce the heat of the curry powder...taste again
    14. Add more yoghurt until an acceptable level of heat is reached.
    15. Simmer chicken for 15 minutes, rinse rice with boiling water
    16. Serve chicken on a bed of rice and try to explain why you are
    serving curry on a scorching summer's day.
    17. Serve fresh raspberries and strawberries with Greek yoghurt
    to regain some dignity with She Who Must Be Obeyed! [​IMG]
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    Aug 31, 2016
    Oh my...
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    "Mise en place" Have your ingredients ready before you begin.
  4. bols2Dawall

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    May 19, 2010
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    mmm , luv curry
  5. jnc

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    I love it cuz that's pretty much how I have made some of my best meals. I have one I call Italian Surprise. Once upon a time long long ago when the DW was still DGF She said that there was nothing to eat for dinner, So I opened the freezer grabbed 1/4 bag of Chinese veggies 1/4 bag of mixed veggies. Dumped them in a Wok type pot with some olive oil, a can of stewed tomato's & tomato paste. Than I throw in whatever spices looked good. Served it over Ramen noodles without the salt packet. She loved it so much to get even with me she learned how to make cookie & cakes from scratch[A] I still make this to butter her up when need be. :D
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    Feb 28, 2016
    Conneaut, Ohio
    Glad it worked out. My mistakes turn out out terrible, like the time I was making pancakes and grabbed the corn starch instead of the baking powder. Couldn't cut them with a knife.

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