My NTU 2006 Fleetwood Niagara - aka "Captain Janky"

Discussion in 'Checkout My Rig !' started by CamperChrissy, Oct 3, 2018.

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    So excited to have a high wall! Although not exactly the one I thought I'd get... Found this one for sale about 2 hours away. Looked decent in the pics, but a few known issues (no original water heater, dometic cabana with dry-rotted bag and of unknown condition in a storage tote, etc.). Had my brother who lives close to it go take a peek and he said looks pretty good. So I negotiate with the seller on the phone and we agree on $4,500, assuming it's as described when we get there. Which is a really good price for my area. We make the drive and well... it's basically as described, but pretty dirty! Like nothing unusual, but looks like it's never been swept or wiped cleaned or fabrics washed. Ever! But roof seems solid, canvas looks good, no soft spots on the floor. We bring it home!

    Now we dig in. And that's where it gets it's new nickname. Seems the PO was a resourceful, creative guy who made fixes and mods with whatever parts he had around. Example: bike rack on the roof made of some Yakima parts that are probably nice, but also 100 pounds of lumber hastily painted and screwed together. A GIANT (like 8 inch probably) PVC tube crookedly strapped to the rear bumper to hold the stinky slinky. (Even though the rear bumper is hollow for exactly the purpose of holding the stinky slinky.) And to top it off, a plastic milk crate also strapped to the rear bumper to hold the crank handle. How did that not bounce out on a bumpy road? For the last 12 days, we've been cleaning and fixing and removing janky things. All systems work and the cabana is functional! So happy and relieved!

    Here are some pics from our cleaning process (don't worry, I have all upload_2018-10-3_6-16-25.png upload_2018-10-3_6-17-27.png upload_2018-10-3_6-18-18.png the cushions, they were getting washed):



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    Congrats on the new HW. I really like that layout.
  3. nineoaks2004

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    Congrats on the NTU PUP. Looks like it is in good shape. Hope ya'll make many great memories in the future with the PUP. Good Luck and Happy Camping
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    May 31, 2018
    Maybe he stored the outdoor rug in the bumper? Lol.
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    I have a Somerset Niagara (pretty much the same layout etc...) and with the newer model stinky slinky's they will not fit in the bumper. I found this out after buying the brand I did. There are slinky's out there that will fit although, it's my belief many that fit are of lower quality. I too am looking to add a PVC holder under the trailer to hold device.

    Just my .02....

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