New Furnishings for my Westlake

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    I've been wanting to redo the inside of my pup for a few years but kept putting it off. After our usual annual trip to the RV show, where we see gorgeous HW, we talk about upgrading, go for lunch, then talk ourselves out of up grading. We decided to brighten the inside up instead. I used black out curtainslip from Walmart, cut and sewn to fit, also used the existing hanging tabs. I reupholstered the seat backs using the existing cover as a template, I was surprised how easy this was. The bottom seat covers are still the original, they are neutral (the look I wanted) so will keep them for now. It wasn't cheap to do tho, $60 for the black out curtains, $30 for valance material, $150 for material for seat back covers (could have gotten away with $120 but ordered to much!!) But way cheaper than upgrading!!
    First two pics are before
    The after pic makes the seat backs look white, they're not! 20150418_183540.jpg 20150418_183558.jpg 20180421_123224.jpg 20180421_123305.jpg
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    Pictures worked for me. Love the colors. I was worried how all solid colors would look, if I did something like that, but you made it work very well together.
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    Looks great! I love the reasoning about makeovers being cheaper than a new camper! So true.

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