? on Curtains--does blackout fabric insulate at all?

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  1. lkc

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    Jun 5, 2017
    Hello all--Has anyone used blackout fabric for curtains? I finally found some reasonably priced blackout curtains that are the color I was looking for---several of the curtains in my NTM popup were missing as well as the entire valance--so new window coverings are on the agenda.

    Does the blackout fabric have any insulating factor? It is not called "thermal"--just blackout fabric. We do early spring camping so keeping in the heat is important.

    I don't want to spend the $ that Joanne's wants for their outdoor fabric and have not been able to find enough in stock of a color or pattern in any retail store to cover all the windows.

    For anyone that might be interested I found these in a "Brylane Home" catalog. They also have "thermal" curtains but not in the color/patterns I was wanting. They also come in several different lengths and I think I can cut a panel in half horizontally and get two panels from each panel I order--then just have to hem. This catalog has a really good selection of colors to choose from also. I have purchased comforters for beds at home and found their quality comparable to other retail stores.
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    I did the same thing with some blackout curtains I got inexpensively at JCPenney. I would say they have a small amount of insulation value. I also bought some pretty patterned indoor/outdoor fabric from Joann to make the valance. The curtains are just solid tan, so the valance is nice to add some interest!
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    I was reading reviews on blackout/insulating curtains on Amazon, and a lot of people said there was a bad odor, the foam backing came apart in the wash or it crumbled.
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    Dec 26, 2009
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    The blackout curtains are a bit thicker than some and do seem to add some insulation value.
    The ones we've had in recent years do not have a foam component.
    I made new curtains for our popup, and used blackout lining from JoAnn (bought on sale or with a coupon). It has one side that seems a little rubbery, and they were interesting to sew. They did, however, more insulating value than I expected.
    We've bought some of the blackout panels for the TT. We've had a couple from Target (first one thrown out when it got exposed to shattered glass). It has some insulating, we use it over the door, mostly for light if we're in a site where light through that window is an issue, but the extra insulation is nice.
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    Aug 31, 2016
    We tried the cutting in half horizontally and wished we had just bought the shorter lengths and bought more panels. I didn't account for the difference in hems on the backside when considering length. The original panel may have a 3" hem. When I cut it in half, I couldn't duplicate the hem in the second panel without ripping out the original hem to get the same hem length.

    Hope that makes sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is order a bit longer than you think if you're going to cut them in half. : )

    We used blackout curtains from Walmart. They do add a little insulation value. They definitely help on those sweltering hot days.
  6. jnc

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    If it cheap enuff double them up for double the R factor.

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