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Discussion in 'Campground Etiquette' started by whitecastleman, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. JeepMama

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    Jun 10, 2011
    We've made a few new friends while camping. My friend Stacy lives in MD and I met her at the play ground area of Elk Neck SP. We were both watching our boys play together and struck up a conversation. Stacy and I have kept in touch and we have gotten the boys together for play dates.
  2. kjcamper

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    Jul 12, 2008
    Over the years I have given people stuff when they either forgot something or didn't think about it. I have received stuff too when I did the same thing. Nothing dramatic like some of the posts but once when camping in the Wisconsin Dells a family next to us had their car break down and it was towed to town for repair. The next day we were going to one of the water parks with our son and I offered them to join us since I over heard them talking about it. They at first declined and then I said well we can plan it together and meet up different places,(pre cellphone) we ended up having a wonderful time together as their kids were just 2 years older than our son.
  3. BJS1785

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    Feb 6, 2017
    Bringing up a dead topic, but this is the reason I enjoy camping!

    On my daughters first trip camping (she was about 9 months old), we became friends with the older couple next to us. We shared some meals and stories during our 1 evening stay, and the next morning he had carved a small boat replica for my daughter from a tree branch he found at the campsite, and engraved "Maiden Voyage"

    We became facebook friends after leaving and unfortunately our new friend Joe passed away the next year. We still think about him whenever we bring out the tent (or PUP now!)

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  4. HalfAHippie

    HalfAHippie New Member

    Feb 19, 2017
    We got our pop up when my son was 9 months old. We found a site for the next weekend at a campground we had never camped at (Carpinteria SB). The guy right next to us needed help moving the very heavy picnic table and DH jumped right over and helped him. The guy then told us about all the perks of this campground. He was a wealth of information and we got some great ideas. Including the fact that the entire campground goes off for Halloween with decorations and trick or treating. That weekend at that CG is now our favorite trip of the year. We would have never known about it had my husband not helped him with such a simple task.
  5. bob barnes

    bob barnes Well-Known Member

    Mar 26, 2017
    Well I will post ours we are from Hannibal, Mo. we were camped out in national park in Alaska I left the keys in the car with our cooler running next am the battery was so down couldn't get the car unlocked. So we go to the camphost they were from Hannibal small small world. Anyway they got hold of a locksmith somehow and he cam and unlocked the car. Those hosts were great!!
  6. bob barnes

    bob barnes Well-Known Member

    Mar 26, 2017
    I have to share my Asian story we were in Texas I was filling my diesel car a guy pulls up in a Toyota wanting to fill up he couldn't get the spigot into his car I asked him since when did Toyota start building diesels he said he didn't know but he wanted some. Well I helped him fill up with diesel I bet he didn't get far!!
  7. Wardog07D

    Wardog07D New Member

    Sep 11, 2015
    Huntington, WV
    This past weekend, I took our PUP to the campground. I had to go to work that day, so I went EARLY to drop the camper so the DW and kids could come out at their leisure. I pulled in and started lifting the top when the cable broke! There was nothing I could do but leave the camper there and go back home. I took a personal day and took my tools back out. I decided to replace the cable so I began the process of taking the system apart. The neighbor next to me came over and climbed under there with me. He mentioned that he had just replaced his cable and had brought his swaging tool. Another camper came over and asked us if we needed help.

    We got it apart and I went to the hardware store to get the cable and ferrules. I came back and both campers came right over to help. It was a LOT of trial and error. (We put it together wrong 4-5 times) We spent ALL DAY working on it in the 95° heat. Finally, we got it right just to figure out we cut the cable too short. HA! I decided to splice the cable to get the dang camper up and fix it later. 30 minutes later, the camper was up and I offered both guys a cold beer. Turns out neither drink.
    I went home and got the family. The next morning I went to the store and picked up two cases of Pepsi and 40 pounds of ice for each camper. We spent the rest of the weekend sitting in each others' campsites chatting. It was a good trip.
  8. Haybale

    Haybale I'd rather be camping!!

    Aug 22, 2013
    San Diego via MN
    I was boondocking in a CA Desert SP, miles from anyone and anything other than desert. A couple stopped by in an SUV and asked what area this was. I told them and they were meeting their friend here in an hour (5pm). I said go back down the road about 1 miles to the Y in the road so they don't miss their friend. Well they set up camp, a tripod with a propane lantern and popped the rear hatch of the SUV open about 20 yards from my site. There is probably 1,000 acres with in sight and thousands more with-in a short drive to set up camp in.... Made me feel quite uneasy with just me and my 6yo DS at the time. About 9:30 I see a truck with what looked like huge flames coming out of the roof coming up the road. Turns out it was their friend who went past the Y in the road a few times and got lost. He had a soft sided kayak with a very bright LED light in it that looked like flames!! Well they fed me mole, the Filipino version, same San Miguel Negra Beer and Crown Royal, so very good. They joined me at my fire as it was a little chilly before the crown royal kicked in!!!

    There are countless other people I came across while camping. I have helped people out when needed. Often while at some BLM land and cutting firewood I'll often cut extra for fellow campers as long as they help carry it back!
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  9. bob barnes

    bob barnes Well-Known Member

    Mar 26, 2017
    We were tenting in a national park in Alaska somewhere many years ago. I left the cooler hooked up to 12v in the car when we went to bed that night locked the car up. You guessed it went to the campground host they were from Hannibal, Mo. we were from Hannibal, Mo. they had to get a locksmith to unlock the car to get the hood opened.
  10. foxcubmama

    foxcubmama New Member

    Aug 8, 2017
    Northern VA
    This march we went tenting at a CG in Myrtle Beach. Our canadian neighbors had been there for like a month and were the day after we arrived. We're pretty good tenters but we were very unprepared for the SAND.

    These lovely neighbors gave us both of their outdoor rugs to put outside of our tent to help with the sand. Now every time we go out with our new PUP we'll use these awesome rugs and think of them :)
  11. D_Gibb

    D_Gibb Member

    Jul 20, 2016
    In the beginning of June, we took our PUP for a quick weekend getaway to an RV park about 30 minutes from home. It's really great that we can live in the metro Detroit area, and in less than an hour, be at a relatively remote campground with nice (man-made) lakes. We arrive just as a rain storm is threatening to dump on us, and our neighbors took pity on me. I am NOT good at backing up the PUP yet, so after two failed attempts, he came over and saved me. Then they realized the electric hookup was on the wrong side and we needed to swing the PUP around so the door would face the site.

    Turns out, they were down from the Lansing area, and this was a weekend away for these two buddies, and one guy's wife and kids were coming the next day, and his kids were the same age as mine. After a few beers around the fire, it was pretty certain to me that campers are good people.

    Our kids played together all day when they were around, and I helped the other guy get a screen tent set up (he'd done some damage on a case of beer earlier in the day, and was struggling) so he didn't break the darn thing.

    All in all, when we pulled up and saw a grimy pop up and heard some blaring music (there was nobody near and it wasn't quiet hours; no foul), we were thinking "great, they'll be irritating neighbors" but were pleasantly surprised. I should have known that people with PUPs can't be that bad!
  12. Eskimorob

    Eskimorob PUP life

    Jul 5, 2016
    One of the first times I took my sons out tent camping was at Julian Price, just about the time i get set up, a couple from a few spots away came over with a plate full of fresh trout, man what a fine supper. We got to talking and they told me I really need to go to Grayson Highlands. It's now one of my favorites.
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  13. Dback2k4

    Dback2k4 Active Member

    Jul 16, 2017
    I mostly keep to myself when camping, but will always say hi if walking around the campground or out and about, at the water front dropping in the kayak for example. Ive been tent camping since I was a kid so can't think of a time when I've been unprepared and needed something, but I have on several occasions I've gladly lent condiments or a lighter to a neighbor in need.

    I remember one trip a few years ago, I was near south haven, Michigan by myself for a couple days before moving onto the next stop in my long road trip. A group of a dozen guys were camping at the site behind me, noticed I was alone, and invited me over for the evening to play games, drink beer, and share a fire. I declined at first, content to enjoy a quiet evening alone, but they were persistent and we had a great night.
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  14. thethird152

    thethird152 Active Member

    Feb 1, 2015
    Durham, NC
    What a great thread!

    This is precisely why I enjoy going to rallies too - I look forward to the Sewer Rally every year primarily because it's a huge get together of really, really good people, who all help one another out, laugh, and have a good time.

    The first time I went I didn't know anyone (except Dan & Carol - I had met them at a previous rally and they are awesome), and by the first evening RotnMom had given me a box of dog treats for my dog, and I had played the guitar around the campfire with two other members, where everyone was laughing and smiling. Also got to meet PopUpSteve, who was a tremendously nice guy.

    The second time I went I found myself in need of a soldering iron (mine died mid-trip) as I was doing some wiring in my lights - within a few minutes of asking around I had one in hand, with a smile.

    The third time I went I got a two-day-long lesson in cast iron cooking from someone who definitely knows what they're talking about.

    Campers are good folks - sure, you'll occasionally run into a grump here and there, but don't ever let that deter you.

    Also, I've discovered through experience that if you see a group of people walking through a campground singing a song together, it is 100% a good idea to join in on the singing, in as animated a fashion as possible. This is how I once found myself standing on a picnic table singing "Doe a deer, a female deer" at the top of my lungs. Got an invite to dinner that night :)
  15. Daisy on my toe

    Daisy on my toe Member

    Jun 21, 2017
    Chicago area
    My son is an only child- he loves to be with us but of course wants other kids to play with too. So many times when we have been camping another family with kids "adopts" our son into the family and invites him to come on hikes and such with their kids.
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  16. DJS12354

    DJS12354 Active Member

    While camping in August, I offered help to the people backing into the site next to our tent. They had a nice pop up and, as Joy and I were thinking over the purchase of one, I asked if they would mind us watching the set up process. Wound up getting a walk through of the process, an invitation to come over after interior set up was complete for a tour and two days of great conversation. The end result was our purchase of our ntu Starcraft.
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  17. jmkay1

    jmkay1 2004 Fleetwood/Coleman Utah

    Oct 10, 2013
    Northern Virginia
    After a long month of working more than 10 hours I was finally going camping for four nights. Just me, no kiddo or mother and I was so looking forward to it. A little back story, I live in the city and have learned sadly that motorcyclists mean bad news. So here I am a single female sitting outside my camper reading a book. Relaxing and peace and quiet bliss. Soon four motorcyclists pull into on Harley's black leather and spike helmets on the site right next to mine. I'm a little apprehensive as I have no cell signal at the campground and the nearest people where across the pond from me in the seasonal section. I pretend that nothing was amiss but watch them very closely over my book. As I'm watching the men get off their bikes and each put the kickstand down in the soft grass. One guy was having a hard time getting his bike to stay up. It was slowly falling in the soft ground until he caught it and re adjusted. After the fourth time he told the bike, "stay" and walked away backwards. I started changing my opinion then of motorcyclists. They didn't seem to be all bad. I was actually amazed how endless their saddle bags were, but apparently they forgot a couple if important items, a cutting board and food knife. They came over to my popup asking if I had something they could use. When they finished they cleaned it really well and gave it back. We got to talking and I found out that they were heading to California from New York and back. Camping along the way. Their wives we're staying home with their kids while they took a nice long guys vacation. That campground I met them at was their very first stop. Around 7 they packed up and driven off. They were all very nice, polite and checked in with their wives judging by their conversation as they walked to a payphone. I wished them well and hoped they had a safe trip. I learned that I can't judge all motorcyclists by what they drive and how they dress. Not everyone is a bad person. I admire that they were able to go on such an adventure although sure don't think I want to do it with their mode of transportation.
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  18. inthedirt

    inthedirt Active Member

    Aug 28, 2012
    SW Montana
    I don't usually stay anywhere near designated CGs because I like to get away from people as much as possible. However, my last camping trip with my dirt biking buddy resulted in meeting a great father/son duo. I had gotten a flat tire after our morning trail ride and had all the tools to tear down my tire and tube, but no patch kit. We were camped near a ghost town that gets quite popular in the summer, so I chanced it and took my buddy's bike into "town" and proceeded to ask every biker there if they had a spare patch. Came upon older gentleman from out of town and struck up a quick conversation about his bike. Sheepishly, I asked and he looked kinda sideways at me, and, albeit reluctantly, said that I could have one of his. I told him where he could find us and that he was welcome to sit in camp and relax a bit. About a half hour later, he and his son pull up to our Pup on their bikes just as I was preparing lunch over the campfire. I offered them as many brats, chips, fruit, beer and/or soda they could stomach in exchange for their kindness. The 4 of us took our time BSing around the fire and food, consuming more than our fair share of beer and brats. When lunch was cleaned up, the father and son offered to help tear everything down and make sure the patch was going as planned. Overall, it took only a couple of hours between lunch and wrenching and we had some good conversation in between. Didn't really need his help with repairs, but we talked shop about the differences in each others' bikes. Was a good afternoon! I'm usually that one guy who brings EVERYTHING and always has that one tool or kitchen utensil that someone never thinks of, but this time, I was the one asking for help.
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  19. mdcamping

    mdcamping New Member

    Mar 25, 2015
    We were at liberty Harbor RV Park, NY City. Guy next to me had a rental class C with a badly leaking new fresh water hose which was leaking where it was connected to the fresh water tap. I saw him trying to tighten the connection to not avail which it continued to leak badly. I walk up to him asked if he needed help, he looked at me and he started to speak German. Well I hadn't a clue on what words he was saying but his body language was saying " please help me out"

    Anyway I had a feeling the hose was just missing a gasket, kind of gave him a hand signal and went over to my TT and got one of my stock extra's. Once I gave him the gasket he was all smiles and the problem was quickly resolved. I got a bunch of heavy German accent Thank You's! :cool:
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  20. Fbird

    Fbird Member

    Sep 10, 2017
    Ferndale MI
    I was camping and learning fly fishing. On the second to last day and snagged a tree. Snapped the leader. Being new to me I didn't think to bring a spare or know how to tie one on. There was a father and son next to me that gave me a leader and a lesson on how to tie it on. That evening I gave them some fresh cornbread.
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