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    I have a general question. I am going to recaulk my roof but I can't seem to reach the middle seam. Will the roof support me if I slide on top of it to do the middle seam (230 lbs)? Also on a different topic anyone have idea the best thing to do to fix pin holes (have about 3 of them) in the canvas of the bunk end? Thanks in advance.

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    For the roof, I'd just try and spread the weight out when you're doing it, but I think it should be fine. Just keep in mind its a thin roof, and can dent or crack if you have your knee pointed into it, etc.. Hopefully others who have done a center seam can speak from experience.

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  3. Ditto.

    It will support you, but you want to be careful about it. You could always slap together a makeshift brace for the inside if you were worried.

    Make sure you use the right caulk. I recommend 3M 5200 Marine caulk.


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