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  1. Mavis

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    Nov 1, 2018
    Our PU came with mattresses that are just thick foam pieces, but I would like to replace the mattresses with something new.

    I've found the Zinus 4" mattress topper that looks like it's just a thick piece of foam. Can I use JUST that as a mattress? This is the link:

    Or I was looking into this mattress:

    I was worried about price at first, but I think we may just replace one now and use our air mattress or a pallet for the kids while we try to space out the cost of our renovations/modifications. I still would like to do this as cheaply as possible, but I also want to sleep well!
  2. generok

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    Feb 7, 2013
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    Using the topper as a mattress I would worry about it "bottoming out". Memory foam really compresses at the pressure points, so it may compress all the way down to the bed base. We had a topper on TOP of the foam cushions that came with our PUP, and that was pretty comfortable.

    Keep in mind you may not have a lot of room depending on how tight your PUP is when you lower the roof. I could NOT keep the 2" topper on our bunks and get the roof latched, but I had a pretty tight roof.

    Also keep in mind that an air mattress on top of plywood will creek all night long.
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  3. Mavis

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    Nov 1, 2018
    I'll have to go double check to make sure I didn't overlook a mattress. But what's in there now is 3.5-4" and we haven't had any issues opening/closing it so far (although that hasn't been much, admittedly). My FIL is coming to help me move it tomorrow so I will see what he thinks too.

    I didn't think about creaking
    With an air mattress...definitely won't work with my kids, they both toss and turn all night long.
  4. nineoaks2004

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    Oct 15, 2006
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    It might work and says they have a 120 day trial period, however if you decide that it is not working the cost of sending it back would probably outweigh the cost. ( I had a friend that tried the MY pillow touted on TV, the pillows were a bust , then he found out that he had to bear the cost of sending them back, and that was more than the pillows cost so he put them in his dog house) also as stated you must remember the thickness problem when breaking the unit down. a lot of people are going to air mattresses, I have a Coleman that I take solo canoe camping and I like it, when breaking camp I deflate it roll it up and store in it's bag.
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  5. Toedtoes

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    May 28, 2018
    I got two 1-1/2 inch memory foam toppers from Kohls (The Big One Gel Memory Foam Topper). If you watch and wait, they go on sale for $29.99 any size.

    I found that they work great in the FnR on the upper bunk. Because they have the eggcrate ridges on one side, they will squish down more than a 3 inch topper will when I lower the roof, but they cushion me as much as a 4 inch topper. I don't like sleeping on the ridges, so I put them both ridges down on top of each other for max cushioning (ridges together will give a more dense feel).

    At the $29.99 sale price, you can't find anything cheaper for the comfort. I have them in the clipper and on the house bed.

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