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Discussion in 'Reservation Systems' started by JBinNV, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. XKPin

    XKPin There's no situation so bad it can't be made worse

    Oct 28, 2016
    Gloucester, Virginia
    . . .on the flip side. . . . I was tired of chasing after some high volume campgrounds where everyone camped. Started to check out other CGs and WOW! Did I find some hidden gems! - sure some bummers too but the good new ones far exceeded the number of disappointing ones.
    -- My thought, my [2C] : If a campground creates anxiety (barking dogs, partiers, crowds, reservations), try someplace else. Camping is supposed to get rid of the ulcers, not cultivate them. So many state parks, private campgrounds, National Parks, National Forests, BLM, etc, and so little time!!!
    --I heard someone once say, "Illegitimi non carborundum (I can say that, can't I? o_O)" Words to live by in today's pressure cooker!
  2. XKPin

    XKPin There's no situation so bad it can't be made worse

    Oct 28, 2016
    Gloucester, Virginia
    --Coffee, no; an adult beverage maybe[;)]. I camp a lot, with grandkids, just the dog, just the wife, and every possible combination. I WILL CAMP, even if I can't find what I THOUGHT I wanted in the first place.
    --Yes, I use the site with great success. But sometimes it does not sponsor the CGs I'm interested in. Below I've offered my alternative Go-To sites.
    --However, I never rely on just one site, but have found a great source of CG searching! It was apparently intuitively obvious to everyone but me (go figure :cool:): Google Maps.
    --For example: I needed a campground near Devil's Tower for a return trip. All the sites are first come first serve, so I planned for the mid week. I also found Devils Tower on Google and then searched for campgrounds and found a excellent KOA in the immediate vicinity for a backup.
    Another example: I wanted to stay in Glacier NP but my TOW & Pop-Up exceeded the 27-foot site capacities remaining. Back to Google Maps. I found a fantastic campground immediately outside the park which met all my prerequisite needs and then some (also cheap).
    --Google maps offers the Street View & visitor pictures of the park.
    --There are a lot of campgrounds I stay at regularly - and NONE of them were the sites I started out to reserve! There is a whole world of campgrounds out there even better than I could have imagined initially. Although no single campground web site shows all the campgrounds, Google offers all campgrounds to you in the vicinity you're interested in.
    --Now if you have access to military bases there are several apps: Ultimate US Military Campgrounds. For civilians: Ultimate Campground Project (very nice).
    [!] But when I want to reserve I start with these when sites: of course
    --Reserve America:
    --America’s Parks:
    --National Forests:
    --National Park Service:
    --US Army Corps of Engineers:
    --In conclusion, I ALWAYS try to reserve, because my time is important. But I never let a single campground reservation site refusal ground my camping expectations :).
    I hope this helps.
    . . .oh and my [2C]: if everyone stopped overbooking, there would be more sites available for everyone ;).
  3. mrkrag

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    Dec 22, 2017
    Palm Harbor, FL
    The beach sites here in FL book exactly out to the window as others have mentioned. And they are empty except for weekends. Apparently its common practice to book dates a week ahead of when they will visit as soon as the window opens. So people book 7+ days on a site starting ahead of when they will be there and it just sits unused. I have noticed that on some of the county parks, they require you to be at the site on the first day of the reservation, and the site can not be left unattended for more than 24 hours. That seems a good way to keep people from just tying up the sites to beat the booking windows.
    I also think it would be a good idea for them to limit some of the sites to short stays, to give more people the opportunity to use them. Some of the sites on the east coast beaches are tied up with the same giant 5ers and class As for the entire winter season, making it impossible to get in at all.
  4. XKPin

    XKPin There's no situation so bad it can't be made worse

    Oct 28, 2016
    Gloucester, Virginia
    --I see what You see, but not only in Florida [!].
    --Multi-site multi-date booking gets my goat. Occasionally I have been able to take advantage of unoccupied sites for a single night stop - awaiting the 'reservee' which never showed - or enjoyed camping where there were last minute cancellations. But not everyone is retired and has time to 'gamble.'
    --It disturbs me that campgrounds are already fully reserved - yet I see so many 'reserved' sites vacant where I camp. People do claim their refund, minus a minimal processing fee at the last minute, but way too late for others to plan for their vacations. A lot of good people PLAN ahead for their once in a lifetime camping extravaganza and missing special sites because they are multi-overbooked is just - inconsiderate.
    --I have read reasons why others multi-overbook. Some because they want to camp during the best weather days. I can appreciate one's need to make the best of their limited vacation days but the practice hurts everyone. ;) Maybe no one would have to overbook if so many people weren't overbooking.
    PS: Florida. So many beautiful campgrounds! So little time. So many packed like a parking lot. Yet, so many less acknowledged campgrounds left unattended. Check out Google for unexpected locations! I think you'll be surprised.

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