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Discussion in 'General Rally Info' started by ChocoChock01, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. ChocoChock01

    ChocoChock01 On the road aagaain See Rallies below;

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    Mar 7, 2012
    To ALL:

    Is there any material for organizing Seminars at a Rally?

    With a collection of talent and experience gathering for a few days and interest in holding Seminars,
    has any of this material been collected for others to use?

    My thoughts were a series of topics; Setup and Checklist, Electrical and Plumbing, Repairs and sources... very much along the lines of the forums. Each discussion could be have labels such as
    (B) Beginner (I) Intermediate (A) Advanced discussions, so if there is a Seminar for Setting up and Down the PUP could be designated (B) and would encompass learned procedures (in what order) and what to look for (such as where canvas will get damaged). Of course seminars on Repairs and Mods could be ALL three!

    This would be helpful if collectively we could assemble these templates for use at Rallies. With a list of topics we can then solicit Seminar Leaders.

    Any input would be helpful since we are in the process of setting up The First Southern California Summer Rally.
  2. Shaman1

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    May 13, 2011
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    The only seminar I would want is "having more fun". I'm always willing to get & give suggestions, but a seminar is just work.
  3. cwolfman13

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    Feb 9, 2011
    I don't know....I'm with Shaman1 here. I attend enough meetings and seminars in my day to day, I don't need that spilling over into my camping trips. I also am more than willing to give and receive tips and pointers....answer specific questions one might have and help someone where I can...but I usually have too much stuff going on to break away for a seminar. The only seminar I would be interested in is the one that takes place around the evening fire with cold beer in hand.
  4. Rockies Bill

    Rockies Bill Runnin' with the pack!

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    Jan 24, 2009
    Are you looking for a tax write off to go camping? [LOL]
  5. Idahawk

    Idahawk " Esta Perpetua "

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    Apr 1, 2011
    That's a great topic for a seminar !
  6. castawayguy

    castawayguy Life is your s'mores first!

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    Jul 28, 2010
    I'd be all for long distance learning, though...keep it a long distance from the CG, unless it's a discourse on proper elbow bending for the consumption of adult beverages! [;)]
  7. pasnowlady

    pasnowlady Member

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    Jan 17, 2010
    Maybe instead of labeling it seminar, more of a I'm good at _, feel free to ask me. THen if enough people are interested, you could do a short talk to those who are interested kind of thing. I know i like to learn new things, and it can be a real interesting conversation/getting to know your neighbor activity. Especially if it is kept to an hour or so, with questions held till the end. THat way if a participant has a specific series of questions, they do not side track the "speaker" from the topic, and the rest could break away at the end, or chose to stay and listen without being "held over" due to questions.
  8. ChocoChock01

    ChocoChock01 On the road aagaain See Rallies below;

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Disclaimer: Seminar and Material (use as catchall paraphrase for topics listed in forum area)

    There obviously is interest in sharing ideas in the Forum AND there are numerous MODS and Maintenance
    being done on PUPS....

    so if the Forum Outlines could be put into a Summary page that would be enough to do a survey on
    areas of interest.

    such as I am in the middle of installing a Marine Stereo and the additional wire labeled illumination
    stopped me until I researched that it only needs a power source and not a specific wire.

    if preferred call it PUP Forum Discussion...
  9. ChocoChock01

    ChocoChock01 On the road aagaain See Rallies below;

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    Mar 7, 2012
    7/12/12 PopUpPortal – Index PUP Camping Discussions (Forum outline)
    • Introduce Yourself
    • Let everyone know who you are, where you are from and a little about your self.
    • General Camping Discussion Forum
    • Camping with Kids / Pets
    • Questions, Ideas and things you just have to share about camping with kids and/or[SIZE=78%]pets! (Everyone should try it once!)[/SIZE]
    • Camping for the Medically/Physically Challenged
    • Getting out and camping can be very therapeutic. So here are some tips on
    camping for the medically or physically challenged.
    • Camping Around Wildlife
    • Camping Green
    • discussion for helping to minimize their footprint on the environment while camping.
    • On The Road: Sometimes the journey is half the fun.
    • PopUpPortal TV
    • Post your camping videos on YouTube and then post a link under this forum.
    • The Other Stuff
    • Everything you wanted to know about other things camping!
    • RV Industry & Camping Related
    • News
    • Get the latest RV Industry & Camping
    • Related News
    • RV Dealers & Repair Shops
    • Campground Etiquette
    • Boondocking
    • Locations and General Tips for Going Off the Map
    • Campground Reviews
    Rallies / Campouts / Western Region PUP Rallies
    • tell about my trip past or future trips (Before/After)[SIZE=78%] [/SIZE][SIZE=78%] [/SIZE]
    • General Rally Info
    • This is a forum for the general topic of "How To" organize a PUP Rally.\
    • My Favorite Mods, Tips, Tricks (and Blunders!)
    • Have a favorite modification you have done
    • Getting Oriented and Getting faster Re: Learning so much
    • Stabilizing Your Camper. Remember, put you stabilizers down after the roof is up and put them up before you lower the roof. Or UP-down, UP-down.
    • Propane - Got Gas? Propane and Propane Related Products.
    • Camper Storage/Winterizing
    • Repair & Maintenance
    • Questions, Tips and Tricks for keeping your PU or TV in top shape.
    • Mystery Parts - Ever find a part on the camper and say "What the heck is that!" ?
    • Tires / Brakes / Bearings / Axles
    • Camper Storage/Winterizing
    • The Camper - On The Road
    • Tow Vehicles, Hitch & Towing
    • Cargo Carriers / Bike Racks /Other Storage Options
    • Taking Your Camper Off RoadQuestions and Tips on Off-Roading with your camper
    • Road Safety Systems
    • Safety Systems including
    • External Signaling Systems (break lights, turn signals, backup lights, running lights),
    • Fire Extinguishers,
    • First Aid Kits, and so on.
    • Heating / Cooling Systems
    • Power – Site Power/Batteries/Generators/Solar
    • Canvas / Awnings / Add a Rooms / Tarps / Tents
    • Plumbing Systems (The Fresh, The Blue, The Grey, & The Black)
    • Port-A-Potties / Cassette Toilets /Bath Houses
    • Refrigerators and Coolers: Keeping it cool.
    • Lighting, Interior and Exterior find out how to best illuminate your campsite.
    • Campsite Electronics: Televisions/Radios/Computers/Internet at the campsite.
    • Campsite Security: How to make your campsite secure from unwanted guests.
    • Campground Cooking: Dutch Oven Cooking Pots, Pans, Grills, Other Cookware & Food Storage
    • Campground Activities: GPS / Geocaching & Mapping Applications
    • Canoeing / Kayaking & Other Watercraft
    • Astronomy / Star Gazing You don't need a telescope to enjoy the stars.
    • Re: Eyes on the Sky: August..
    • Photography: Shutter-bug talk. Best Cameras, Digital V Film, Camera Settings. . .
    • Biking Mountain, Rail-trails, or just plain pedaling around the campground.
    • Campfires and Firewood
    • Cold Weather Camping: Tips & Tricks for camping in the Winter
  10. Unstable_Tripod

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    May 20, 2008
    Seattle, Washington
    If your goal is to conduct some sort of formal seminar/training at a Rally I don't think you'll get much interest. A lot of stuff happens at rallies in the form of two or three people talking about a point for a few minutes, including asking and answering questions, but nothing with lecture or handouts. Most people want to just socialize, go fishing or hiking, etc.
  11. Lauren5280

    Lauren5280 Member

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    Feb 27, 2011
    Peachtree City, GA
    I'm sorry but this sounds like a rally I wouldn't attend. I go for fun, relaxation and meeting new people. If someone were to suggest that I sit through "seminars" I would run for the hills. I find there is plenty of information/assistance right here on the portal and sitting around a campfire that it isn't necessary to sit through a seminar that will undoubtedly cover information that doesn't pertain to me or interest me.

    With that said, To each his own. If your attendees are interested then go for it.
  12. mamabean5

    mamabean5 Well-Known Member

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    Oct 7, 2009
    Choco, UT is giving good advice. I just did the first Michigan Rally this summer and in the early stages of planning, I asked about activities. Overwhelmingly, everyone wanted the option to do nothing, most just wanted to meet people and relax. Our Friday Meet and Greet was great--people wandered over when they rolled in. Saturday, the park had a program a few Rally campers attended. A Rally camper hosted a Mountain Biking ride- 4 total riders, but they had fun. Our Saturday Pot Luck was a hit--everyone came. Sunday, my co-moderator and I made breakfast for everyone for Father's Day. I was skeptical about how many would come on departure day, but it was a huge success! Nice time to say goodbye to new friends and exchange contact information.

    We had over 70 campers and again, this was our first rally. Keep it simple. People camp to relax and get away from schedules. I think the 'seminars' or 'forums' you are suggesting, are better as a PUP Event---not necessarily a Rally.
  13. BajaPup

    BajaPup New Member

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    Apr 19, 2012
    ChocoChock01, that's really not going to be a workable format. I probably won't ever attend a rally, but running one as you suggested has absolutely no appeal to me. It's practically the antithesis of camping. I also don't think the number of people involved at PUP rallies indicates the need for more structure; it ain't CES or ComicCon. The main focus of these gatherings seems to be simply meeting the real people behind the avatars. All of the topics you listed are well discussed online, and while conversations at rallies may turn to the technical, I don't think replicating the forum's sections will accomplish anything.

    I think a much better approach is for people to participate in a rally thread and arrange to meet up with someone at the rally. For example, I enjoy photography. If I found that Unstable_Tripod was going to attend the same rally, I'd make of point of chatting with him before hand about getting together and talking about why my camera format is better than his ( [;)]), or maybe planning a hike during the rally. Even if we didn't talk about it online, I don't think planning a hike on scene would present much difficulty.
  14. brianbigdogsmith

    brianbigdogsmith Camp more Camp more often

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    Feb 20, 2012
    Melviindale MI.
    Sounds like something with to much time on their hands does. Camp more often.

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