Skamper Owners Sound Off!

Discussion in 'Camper Manufacturers & Manuals' started by HellsBells, May 20, 2014.

  1. Campingladies

    Campingladies New Member

    Jul 30, 2017
  2. Campingladies

    Campingladies New Member

    Jul 30, 2017
    We have a 1986 Scamper, second owners. We have had it got it 8 years ago and it is perfect.
  3. runnergirl

    runnergirl New Member

    Sep 18, 2017

    I am new to this forum. Have a 1992 Skamper. Maybe a dumb question, but I can't figure out how to hook up the battery. This picture above is not my actual camper but the same one. Mine is at a campsite now and I couldn't take a picture.

    We have always had sites with hookups in the past, but this time we have no electrical at this campsite. Went to hook-up battery and the previous owner stored the battery box in the compartment to the left of the door. I can hook up the wires to the battery, but on the other end is a two pin connector that I don't know where to plug in. I know the battery has power, I just need to figure out how to power the camper with it.

    I should have taken more detailed pictures, but hoped that someone else has this camper and can understand what I am talking about.

  4. Heilman_5

    Heilman_5 New Member

    Sep 25, 2017
    Just looked tonight, and I have a Scamper too. December 1994 Prime.
  5. Tex

    Tex New Member

    Feb 8, 2018
    Just picked up a 1994 24c skamper. Paid 180 bucks. Can’t wait to use it. We live in Texas. The pup needs a new cable installed. Have ordered and suppose to be here Friday. Just wish the rain would stop so we can pop this pup out and see what we got. The man said it was like new on the inside. He said the cable broke 8yrs ago and been sitting under carport ever since.
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