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  1. shuang2

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    Apr 20, 2010
    We did put aluminum bar across our Chalet aluminum roof edge to hold a 100 W solar panel, see picture: DSC_1229 - Copy.JPG
    In the picture you may see that we didn't connect to the panel while we were at a hook up site.
  2. AAlice

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    Oct 30, 2017
    Southern California
    That looks nice! And secure! Unfortunately we have to use flexible panels due to the weight of our dormers.
  3. KJ Sunshine

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    Dec 29, 2017
    It is very possible to use flexible panels AND mount to the roof, temporarily. Use c or z brackets that stretch to the edge of aliner . To latch in place, drill latches to the edges not the roof. Attach the flexible panels to the brackets. When you get where you are camping, open the latch, remove the 4lb or so panel and set like you normally would in the sun.
    Video of decent one here:
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