Trip to Torreya SP 4-8 to 4-13 2019

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    Trip to Torreya SP 4-8 to 4-13 2019

    I got a message from State of Fl that after several months 3 rivers SP was to be opened for camping on 4-1. I went on Reserve America and made a 4 day trip plan. I loaded the canoe and fishing gear on the pickup and started getting everything ready for the camping trip. two nights before the trip was planned, I checked with Reserve America and discovered that my reservation was for Sept 19. I checked and somehow the dates had gotten messed up and I had no reservation for the dates I wanted. Then checking further I found that the State of Fl. in their infinite wisdom had forgotten that the park was open for visitors only and not for camping until may 1st. (maybe). Being in the rotten mood I was in my DW calmed me down and insisted I go somewhere and cool off.

    I checked with Torreya S.P. and got a reservation starting the 8th of April.

    I unloaded all the fishing gear including the canoe and ladder rack and re-arranged my trip plans.

    I was awakened on the morning of the 8th at about 5:30 AM to the sound of thunderstorms, got up, made coffee and oatmeal and watched the weather on both the pooter and the TV, looks like it will slack off about 10:00 AM so I am ready to leave about 11:00 AM (If I can get the TT out of the yard).

    The actual trip was uneventful, after the frog strangler while setting up.

    Very few people in the CG, one PUP and I hunkered with them for awhile, we had a nice chat, he was aViet Nam vet too. I mentioned PUP Portal and advised them that it is a good site to be on. There was a camper in a tent who had blow up mattress problems it kept leaking down at night and she had to blow it back up. My next door neighbor also had a Coleman TT we got along really good and had a great time they had brought kayaks but no place to launch so they remained on the top of the pickup in their ladder rack. Pebbles, as usual was the hit of the CG and it seems she got a kick out of all the attention and really strutted around.
    They are still working on the yurt that was destroyed by the hurricane, it is almost completed, being finished up by DOC prisoners. The camping trails are still closed and if ever restored will take years to re-do.
    I got up early on Friday and returned home and hopefully 3 rivers will be opened the first of May as I am ready to launch the canoes and do some fishing. Over all it was a good relaxing trip, which I needed and as usual I look forward to the next trip.
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    The important thing is that you and Pebbles got out and had a relaxing time.
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