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    Jun 20, 2017
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    My Clipper 2018 108ST water heater started acting up. 1st it would not light, cleaned electrode and it now lights but only runs for about 10 sec before it shuts off. It will auto re-light twice more like is supposed to and then I need to power off to initiate another ignition cycle. I have lit the stove burners, no issues. The water heater is a Suburban SW6D Direct Spark Ignition. Is it possible the module board is bad or perhaps gas valve? Looking for more ideas or solutions. I also have this listed in the heating/cooling forum but this seems to get more play.

    This has worked will for over a year, this issue just popped up on last week trip.

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    Still under warranty? Call the dealership if yes. Call the dealership if no. IMHO, a 2018 should not yet have any issues like that.

    Caveat: I know little about water heaters. Less if they are in a pup.
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    Let the sealer fix it, if it is under warranty, (and a 2018 model should definitely be under warranty) if you try to repair it yourself you could void the warranty.
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