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    Aug 3, 2008
    We are going to a park this weekend that has parasites in the river water it takes. They filter and chlorinate, but still advise boiling before use. The last time I was there I filled at home (I don't want their water in my tank, surprise!) and towed there. It was only about an hour away, so no huge deal.

    The problem was, the water sloshing in the tank kept pushing it out the overflow. By the time I got there, half of it was gone!

    The tank is above the axle, and the overflow is a downward facing 90 with no valve that sits on the door side of the camper.

    I am going back to the same park this weekend, and I am thinking about putting a valve on here so I can carry without loss.

    What do other people do? Especially when in the back country?


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    Jun 27, 2008
    I've seen shut off valves installed by owners on the overflow tube, but never installed by manufacturers. Obviously, it's got to be opened for filling and running water in the camper. Don't forget to open or close it when necessary or you'll have problems with the pump, tank or water lines.
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    we take water bottles for drinking, and a 5 gal. jar for doing dishes in addition to filling up the water tank at home and hawling it to the CG.

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    see ya' out-there !

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