When is a WDH too much.

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  1. Raycfe

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    Oct 3, 2007
    Waterford, Ct
    I was emailed by someone today and I really didn't have a answer for him that had a reason why. Maybe someone here could help.

    Trailer 410 lbs tongue weight
    TV 500 lbs hitch weight rating

    When he bought his trailer the PO gave him a Reese WDH that he used with his Dakota pickup. I looked at the pieces of the WHD and didn't have the correct answers

    The round tube spring bars are marked as 550 lbs .......... is that each?
    The mount is rated for 12000 lbs max trailer.

    I think that this hitch is way too big for his setup.

    I asked if his pickup settled when hitched up and he told be he towed the trailer home without the WDH and the truck retained its original bumper height.

    I'm just guessing here, but I think he has a 1,100 lb WDH ....... thats for a lot of tongue weight! What do you think?

    He also asked if a WDH could be used with only one bar? I really don't know.
  2. Raycfe

    Raycfe Waterford Ct.

    Oct 3, 2007
    Waterford, Ct
    I really didn't find WDH 101 on how to correctly set up a WDH. Do you adjust the tension by chain length? Do you use the TV bumper height as a guide?
  3. nineoaks2004

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    Oct 15, 2006
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    You need both bars, and the chains are the tension, My Coleman TT dry weighs 33204 lbs, tongue weight is 352 lbs, I have a WDH but I never use it, I do use a anti-sway device but really do not need it, I pull it with a 2004 Ford F150 with 5.4 V8 and tow package, My unit does not sway. Main thing as you know the tongue weight should be 10-15%
    here are some Utube thingys for setting one up I hope this helps
    I have never set mine up as I do not need it it is twice as heavy as the one I use. I hope this helps....If he uses it, be sure and mark the chain link with paint or something so he knows where to set it next time, also be careful removing or putting the bars on. Back when I worked on TV's we had someone come in every once in a while with a cast on their wrists because the bar slipped and nailed them
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  4. xxxapache

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    Jul 30, 2008
    On mine, you adjust the spring bar tension by adjusting the angle of the hitch head. I use the chain link that makes the spring bars parallel with the trailer frame. My ball is adjusted to a height that has the trailer level when the spring bars are in place. A little low in the front is ok. A light high is not desired.

    My set up procesd involved level ground, a tape measure, and a note pad. I measured front and rear fender heights on the truck when unhitched. I hitched up and compared the fender heights. I adjusted the angle of the hitch head to make the fender height amount of drop about the same in the front as it was in the back. .
  5. CampStewart

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    Nov 3, 2017
    400 or 500lbs of tongue weight should not need a wdh on a pickup unless it is a very light duty truck with a great deal of weight behind the axle. Those bars are rated for 550lbs for the pair.
  6. tenttrailer

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    Jul 18, 2013
    Thornville, OH
    I get a much better ride and less ball coupler noise with a wish. That is why we use one.

    I just look at my 600 lb wdh bars and each is marked with 600#. It's a Reese pro hitch 600 lbs hitch. When I bought it the specs said it was good from about 350 to near 700 lbs.

    I thinking 550 is a good match for your friend.

    I would go to Reese's or courts manufacturing's web site and find a hitch that looks like your friends and down load the install manual. Much better to read and see diagrams than have someone from memory tell you how to do it. All the wdh's that look the same, have almost the same process.
  7. Snow

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    Jul 19, 2007
    What sort of trailer are we even talking about? A pup being towed by a pickup shouldnt need a WDH. Depending on the size (weight) of a TT or HTT a WDH may or may not be needed... also depends on the truck, a compact (Ranger, Canyon) would benefit from a WDH, a 1500 series would need a WDh depending on trailer weight, a 2500 and larger may not need a WDH...
  8. joet

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    Mar 16, 2011
    Elkins WV area
    I tow with a Colorado and even with 400lbs on the tongue, never saw the need for a WDH.
  9. WrkrBee

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    May 23, 2018
    South Carolina
    If you are close to the limits on the trailer tires, a weight distribution hitch will transfer additional weight to the trailer tires.

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