WI - Little Sand Bay National Park, South Shore Lake Superior

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    There are several private or town owned campgrounds around the South Shore of Lake Superior. I happend to find this one that is operated by the town of Russell in the National Forest property. This park is 11 miles outside of Bayfield where the huge Applefest is held the first weekend of October. It is absolutely beautiful. Our site was next to the campground host who were awesome neighbors and very conscientious of the care of the campground. Considering the Great Lakes, you have a small window of summer when you can get in the water and not freeze - Perfect! Walking the sandy beach then being able to do the tour through the old fishing pier and buildings from the family that fished the lakes.

    We were there early August at the peak of berry picking. Came home with 33 lbs of blueberrys, the Bayfield Blues, and 40 lbs of cherries.

    Had a great time!
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    May 13, 2011
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    I was stationed in Duluth MN & lived in Superior WI in the late 70's. Remember both days the weather was good for camping. [LOL] Just kidding, beautiful country. I just can't handle the winters.
  2. I agree with you...especially come February with the long gray days when you forget what the sun looks like.
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    Pics would be very cool...this sounds like a future trip for us!!!!
  4. Sorry, only got a few pics of the white caps on the waves when the wind was picking up. Couldn't find the charger for the camera battery, go figure! I put the info for the town below, it has a link to the campground info and map. Hope this helps!

    Town of Russell: Little Sand Bay Recreation Area
    The Town of Russell owns and operates a campground, boat ramp and harbor ... or by mail at Little Sand Bay Reservations; PO Box 79, Bayfield, WI 54814. ...

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