New Profile Posts

  1. CindyLHK
    Shoot. I have internet. I must not be camping.
  2. Bradley E Dixon
  3. PUP Novice
    PUP Novice
    We bought a old Jayco J Series pop up at an awesome price! I’m super excited to start renovating and making it feel like home.
  4. Sally Harrison
    Sally Harrison
    New to camping. Already have problems.
  5. Sally Harrison
    Sally Harrison
    Can anyone tell me how to replace the ceiling due to water damage in Rockwood 2280?
  6. NE Mary B
    NE Mary B
    1979 Jayco PUP refurbish - struggling with a cable/lift issue :(
  7. GMa Wee
    GMa Wee
    Geez, where did the time go? We leave a week from today and have so much to do I'm beginning to panic!!
  8. jberreth007
    Still renovating...always renovating
  9. Artist60164
    Fixing up my little pop-up camper starting to look really comfortable and special
  10. Cupcake35
    Headed to the Oregon coast for our renovated 78's "maiden voyage". Super excited and I brought my sewing machine to finish the cushions.
  11. LivinLife
    I am locking down one more weekend trip in this beastly heat to finish off summer 2019. I can't wait for cooler temps.
  12. andosfauxtos
  13. andosfauxtos
    1999 Coleman/Fleetwood Nevada
  14. djolico
    My status is always questionable.
  15. TommyOMyles
    Renovating a 1997 Coleman Westlake
  16. Markciu
    Got a free 2007 Fleetwood Bayside from a friend with moderate water damage to the roof. Trying to figure out the best approach to fixing it
  17. John Wayne Brown
    John Wayne Brown Rich Knack
    Hi Rich! I’ve been reading about your journey with your 1978 rock wood! Basically we’re about to buy the same exact camper in hopes of renovation! I just have plenty of question and would like to email I’m looking for manuals and model specs mostly thanks! -
    1. Rich Knack
      Rich Knack
      Afraid I don't have any manuals. In fact, I'd like to find one myself! But feel free to ask questions and I would be happy to answer as best I can!
      Aug 12, 2019
  18. Artist60164
    1983 Jayco Popx
  19. Kerry L. Calkins
    Kerry L. Calkins
    Colorado Spartan
  20. Knitcanuck
    2012 Palomino Traverse
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