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  1. Ruzic1965
  2. Jamie80
    Need help.... replacing canvas and dont understand how to measure for glide out canvas.
  3. Greenmustangben
    1996 Rockwood signature
  4. ValleyForge78
    Help! Parts of the lower ratchet assembly are missing and difficult to locate. Any ideas on how to bypass and secure to raise the roof?
  5. Kellita Camper
    Kellita Camper
    2021 is my 1st year with a pup. A long time tenter & lifelong camper it was time to get off the ground &extend the season. Lots to learn!
  6. The English Pennliner
    The English Pennliner
    Lets go camping in 2021 !
  7. Littlejupiter
    Littlejupiter SunnyP1985
    I’m in SW Mi too!!
    I can’t wait to start working on little Jupiter!
    I have so many plans!
    Your PUP looks great! Did you paint your cabinets?
  8. 02ColemanMom
    Ready for Winter and Covid to be over!
  9. 02ColemanMom
    Currently towing a 2002 Coleman Niagara Grand Elite with a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  10. Vuthear Wyatt
    Vuthear Wyatt
    Hello, I purchased a 92 skamper 170x PuP. The sticker with the gwvr weight limits. No luck on internet. Any ideas where I can find this?
  11. Morgan28
    Hoping to bring a 1980’s Rockwood 1086 back to life!
  12. MJK
    Recently gifted a 1986 Coleman Columbia PUP- fixer-upper. Will seek help from “CWS” (Campers with Skills)!
  13. Lauren Malec
    Lauren Malec
    First time PUP owner trying to rescue a 1994 Rockwood 2040.
  14. persh
    07 Jayco Featherlite 23B
  15. Brian Watson
    Brian Watson
    Hi I am looking for 2 handles for my dining room pull out, for my Fleetwood Bayside pop up.
  16. Brian Watson
  17. thedakotakid
    1967 Montgomery Ward PU
  18. MSStateFan01
    Just purchased our first pop-up camper. 2001 Starcraft 2101.
  19. Steve Foster
    Steve Foster
    Needing help
  20. Jeri Sullivan
    Jeri Sullivan
    2006 Rockport Freedom