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  1. JBCampFam
    What is the tongue weight of your trailer?
  2. Raycfe
    Is the black cord the power cord? If it is just change the end. Older campers used a 1/4inch audio male jack for the jacks by the bunks.
  3. generok
    I'd start with checking fuse 4, which is your polarity fuse. If it isn't blown, check all the fuses. If they aren't blown, you need to probe the 12V in lines to see if you have power from the...
  4. AMC
    How is the plywood already white and shiny? So you don't put the awful vinyl covering over the wood? Maybe I missed something in one of your steps. lol
  5. AMC
    So Jeremy, did you guys complete the top of roof FIRST and then flipped to begin the interior nightmare. LOL I have to do this soon!

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